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    Production Assistant, 2010 - present
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  • University of Vermont
    Community & International Development, 2008 - present
  • Hinesburg Community School
    1995 - 2003
  • The Gailer School
    2003 - 2007
  • Trent University
    2007 - 2008
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Why Dakar Is Essentially Being Repaved By Hand

The government transformed a major infrastructure project into a jobs program, employing hundreds of struggling Senagalese.

The US declared war on poverty 50 years ago. You would never know it

Nicolaus Mills: Lyndon Johnson declared an unconditional war on poverty for reasons both economic and moral. They are still relevant today

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The notion of Universal Human Rights has gained significant prominence in Western political and intellectual discourse. However, Tanzil Chow

The Nairobi massacre and the genealogy of the tragedy

Years of Kenyan intervention in southern Somalia tragically culminated in the Westgate bloodbath, Samatar writes.

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Seventy-two-year-old master anime director Hayao Miyazaki of Japan told reporters from around the world at a press conference that he will r

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A rare insight into 19th century New Zealand and a Maori tribe's struggle to protect their cultural heritage.

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All across America, Wall Street is grabbing money meant for public workers

White America Does The Crime, Black America Gets The Time

White Americans are more likely than black Americans to have used most kinds of illegal drugs, including cocaine, marijuana and LSD. Yet bla

Sailing barge launches in Vermont to test carbon-neutral shipping

Mat McDermott at YaleE360 reports on how the Vermont Sail Freight Project aims to show that carbon-neutral boats can be a viable shipping me

'The real threat to our future is peak water'

As population rises, overpumping means some nations have reached peak water, which threatens food supply, says Lester Brown

The spirit of protest in Brazil and Turkey has now swept into Bulgaria

John O'Brennan: Tens of thousands of Bulgarians are voicing their anger over political corruption, abuse of power and economic hardship

The Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia Appoints Dubai-Based G...

DUBAI, UAE, June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr. Arun Panchariya, the Principal of Global Finance & Capital Limited...

Neoliberalism has hijacked our vocabulary

Doreen Massey: 'Customer'; 'growth'; 'investment'. We should scrutinise the everyday language that shapes how we think about the economy

Mongolia embarks on clean energy future with first wind farm

While in Mongolia for World Environment Day, I toured the Salkhit Wind Farm.

‘Ancestor in Training’

2013 Heller School Graduates Assemble On May 19th I accomplished a goal that I was not aware that I had. The thought popped into my mind the

The most universal benefit of them all

While the UK debates ending universality, economists in America are talking about making income itself universal.

Life After Warfare: How a Digital Map Could Help Revive Mogadishu | Wire...

Think "Mogadishu" and you probably picture Black Hawk Down, a feral city of bombed-out buildings patrolled by thugs in machine-gun-equipped

For Young Somali Journalists, Work Often Turns Deadly

Shabelle Media is Somalia's largest news outlet — and a very dangerous place to work. Of the 12 journalists gunned down in the country last