I've been trying to explaing +John Butterill's brilliant concept +Virtual Photo Walks™ to a lot of people both inside and outside the g+ community since I first heard about it from him on a hangout what seems like a long while ago.

I want every photographer on g+ (everywhere, really!) to think about participating in this effort just once. Your time and effort will be hugely valued, I can assure you, and no matter where you live, someone will appreciate going on a trip in your neighbourhood.
Think about it, contact John if you have any questions about this endeavour, or just plain want to offer your services or ideas.

He is a really nice guy, a kind of guy that is intent on making things happen.

Also, including this link to another post of his, a short video guide to VPWs, which shows how to setup for one:

Well, here we go - the perfect explanation:
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