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Ishaan Mishra
I piss excellence.
I piss excellence.


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Chris Pirillo hung out with 13 people.Kevin Che, Laurie DesAutels, Craighton Miller, Chee Chew, James Lawson-Smith, Richard Roberts, Peter McDermott, Paul Hale, Fraser Cain, Elvira Gallegos, Sonny Dickson, Nicholas Smerk, and Ishaan Mishra

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Hoodie Allen hung out with 22 people.Aya Walraven, Jimmy Kadesch, Kev Jumba, Ishaan Mishra, Connor Bashaw, Devin Braatz, Danielle Hals, Karim Boubker, Derek Coleman, Steve Neugebauer, Charlie Sutton, Justin Aceto, Justin Vincelette, Leeann Brothers, David Beyar, Katie Sherman, Sondos Nemati, Chris Magee, Erin Bennett, Laura W, Martin Tausen, and Patrick West

R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

So is Google+ slowly dying yet?

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