+Mike Elgan nailed it, Google+ is a social network for people who passionately share their interest

I hardly use Facebook because I found it a bit annoying and seeing too many uninteresting topics on family and friends. Twitter I like for real time news, but Google+ I always seem to use but I just could not put my finger on why. I think Mike Elgan nailed it. You get to see articles which are carefully constructed and you see the effort put in by its creators which makes you come back for more. Mike Elgan articulate it brilliantly. A must read! 
Why Google+ is the place for passions

The single biggest controversy about social media, and one that has persisted for two or three years now without resolution, is whether Google+ is a dying wasteland of non-activity, or a hive of conversation and engagement.

It can't be both. So which is it? And why can't this fundamental question be answered?

I believe I have the key to the puzzle, and I'll attempt to solve it once and for all.

Here what the Twitter people and the Facebook people don't understand about the Google+ people: 



(Pic props: http://goo.gl/K75VYX )
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