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Roaches and ants won’t eat it, cats and dogs won’t eat it, even house flies won’t eat it — but the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) serves Aspartame to you with their approval and the approval of the Monsanto Chemical Company.

The FDA and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have received nearly 7,000 complaints, including five deaths, attributed to the use of aspartame in food products since the FDA first permitted limited use in 1981. A number of researchers and doctors around the country object not only to the product itself, but to the questionable preliminary research that led the FDA to approve it’s use.

There are 90 documented symptoms including: Headaches, Muscle spasms, Irritability, Heart palpitations, Loss of taste, Joint pain, Dizziness, Weight gain, Tachycardia (heart racing), Breathing difficulty, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Blurred vision, Seizures, Rashes, Insomnia, Anxiety attacks, Vertigo, Hearing loss, Nausea, Depression, Blindness, Slurred Speech, Memory Loss, Fatigue, Numbness.
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Did not know that about aspartame. Cool info.
And I heard that corn syrup is killing Honey Bees.For real.
Also, fluoride in the water makes children stupid, vaccines cause autism, global warming is a conspiracy, and genetic modification has created giant mutant mosquitoes that can drain an infant's body of blood.
While I believe that aspartame is probably not good for you at all there is a reason that animals don't eat it and it's simply that it provides no energy whatsoever!  It's not that they know it's bad for you it's that it provides no net benefit in calories.  Now margarine that's a different story as it has calories but most animals will not touch it.
Of course ants don't want it, it may taste sweet but it doesn't actually provide them with energy. And those symptoms sound like a dozen other chemicals including caffeine.
I kinda like the false high
Anything with sparta in it has to be good
We should learn more from the nature...
And yet again the hippie liberals are complaing about stupid shit.
Hospitals in US promote diet drinks...I wonder why....good for Buisness. 
Chris M
5 deaths? In 30 years? I wonder how many have died from sugar consumption in that time, more than 5 I bet. As with anything, even water, some people are hypersensitive, but 99.9% are not. 
.1% aren't but 99.9% are, so how would you know?
Dangerous. How about Stevia Leaves? They say it is not harmful?
Chris M
+Gavin Blanchard there just isnt any evidence aspartame is dangerous, its that simple. Far far more people die because of allergies to perfectly natural foods than to aspartame. More people die or end up damaged by excessive water consumption!
Again someone trying to say..see animals dont eat as if THAT IS THE BASIS of Healthy food. Animals eat posion left out by us. Yea follow their "wise" judgement. Look it doesnt have calories...nor water. Its useless to animals...even us except for TASTE. Learn the actual details...then post.
Chris M
In actual fact dogs will eat it, its sweet, they love it. This post is full of fail, sorry but its just wrong. The real facts are that some are sensitive to aspartame, but you can say that for any food.
How unsurprising! Aspartame is an Analine derivative and Analine is a neurotoxin.
How do you -1 complete shite like this. Seriously Google!
And can you believe the sun causes cancer too. The sun! What are we to do? 
I can't stand the aftertaste of fake sugar ..its disgusting real stuff ..just not too much of anything ...moderation is the key ...
It's all true, Aspartame is so bad that when I took a sip of a diet drink in a cafe, the heavens opened above, lightning struck down on people all around me, they were dropping like flies. It was horrible. So I took another sip just to make sure it wasn't a coincidence and the entire cafe went up in flames. I of course apologized to the staff and left a big tip.
Drink coconut juice instead of energy or diet drinks.
so... adding this to all foods will eliminate pest problem at home?  lol.
This picture is a photo shopped for an advert - check with Google image search.
I wish there's -1 button (or even -100) for rubbish like this
Check your facts before posting or +1 things like this. Aspartame is nasty stuff but this is NOT a real photo as was pointed out above.
Look at all the brainwashed people. Do more research rather than attacking a post about something you read on G+. I'm sure whoever disagrees with this knows a great deal about health and nutrition, so let's continue to pump whatever we want into our bodies without question. Smh
Aspartame causes intense migraine headaches for me, my siblings and most people on my moms side of my family. Caffeine, caffeine free, sodas, chewing gum, whatever... I avoid it like the plague. It doesn't take much to trigger it.
ASPARTAME like many other products, should not be consumed as a regular part of our diet.  Unfortunately, most of us including myself, eat very poorly.  Fast food, the so called "DIET" soda's and much more contain "ASPARTAME".
If you want to avoid it, pay attention to what you eat, eat better and check the labels if you want to stay away from it.
I hate that this post gets, +214 and 126 shares but a picture of a car can get a few thousand +'s and shares. What the hell is this world coming to, do those people even read or do they just skim through checking out pictures? F**K
All i have to say for those who know the health risks of chemicals and shit like this, enjoy your early grave!
Haha who cares if its a real photo or not, do you think diet coke is going to label "bad for your health" on their product. I Guess they could use a good looking chick instead of that, maybe more people would read more.
+Richard Flathmann 
There are tons of fake pictures, stories all over the internet that are used in combination with a story or some kind of info. Once it becomes about food(more so the garbage consumed) people get touchy. 
And i bet you thought i was a real wolf to +Richard Flathmann, haha, i fooled you all with my fake photo.
Off topic now, sorry i'm done back to's not good for your health.  
"In summary, currently available information, based on data with limitations as described in the report, indicates a wide variety of complaints that are generally of a mild nature. Although it may be that certain individuals have an unusual sensitivity to the product, these data do not provide evidence for the existence of serious, widespread, adverse health consequences attendant to the use of aspartame. Reported by Div of Nutrition, Center for Health Promotion and Education, CDC."

"Considering results from the large number of studies on aspartame's safety, including five previously conducted negative chronic carcinogenicity studies, a recently reported large epidemiology study with negative associations between the use of aspartame and the occurrence of tumors, and negative findings from a series of three transgenic mouse assays, FDA finds no reason to alter its previous conclusion that aspartame is safe as a general purpose sweetener in food."
+Tristan Wolf getting a point across with a doctored photo and lies in the subtext already sets a bad tone for believing what you are about to read. I already clarified that I avoid aspartame because it is nasty stuff so I don't understand the attitudes.
I am allergic to it ppl this is ALL true, it also (over time) creates holes in your brain and causes cancer.
It does not cause cancer any more than it "creates holes in your brain"

What a load of nonsense.  
+Chuck -- Marg' tastes horrible. I don't touch it. :-)

That's why I eat organic & raw foods, no vaccines, medication, only natural stuff (honey & lemons etc) & that's how you live longer! 
"Organic" is nothing but a marketing scam.  

There's zero evidence that raw food is better for you than cooked. (in a lot of cases it's worse for you... your body has to work MUCH harder to digest raw food)  

If you don't vaccinate, you're an idiot.

Medication is natural.  (Everything in the universe is natural)
No, it's not... Ignorance is ignorance....

Those who find bliss there sell themselves short... unfortunately  they most often seem to want to drag the rest of us down to their level, eh +Andy Zastko  
I'd have to drag you up +Clinton Hammond ...judging people as idiots because what they do may differ from your own opinion. Good day.
+Andy Zastko 
I don't call people idiots because they have different opinions than I have.

I call people idiots for being idiots. ie. People who don't vaccinate are idiots. Dangerous idiots for that matter. 
Look it up it creates holes in your brain and it DOES cause cancer personally it makes me weak and dizzy. This stuff is poison!!!
Haha, I watched a whole movie about it so I think I know more than u about aspartame :)
And I have done lots of research
A whole movie eh? Maybe you aught to have a look at what medial science says, instead of studying at youtube university.

It does none of the things you claim it does. 
well believe what you believe! i will be the one who doesnt get cancer, have a nice day.
There are plenty of reasons to not eat aspartame without making things up
+Chuck Green Have you been drinking to much flouride you dumbed down zombie.. u just contradict yourself.. saying they don't eat because no calories but margarine they avoid with PLENTY of calories. Yes they DO know it's bad for them... just like EVERY living creature on earth KNEW the Tsunami was coming and fled for their lives while DUMB humans with ALL THEIR TECHNOLOGY said "oh look all creatures going crazy" stayed on the beach and get washed away. Birds have no communication skills but are NOT dumb enough to bump into one anther in the air UNlike humans who can converse and STILL bump into one another EVEN WHEN they have right amd left lanes... "Intelligence" without intuition + mega dumb
Lyle L
I read it on the internet, it must be true!
I saw it on TELL-LIE-VISION.. it must be true!! Good thing about the internet there are millions of sources so u can read both sides and with any discernment work out the truth.. too bad tell-lie-vision is all controlled by the same humans.. er sorry that should read hybrids!
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