Games Workshop's trademark bullying is akin to a water war.

Tolkien, Heinlein, H.G. Wells, and others are the well-head, the font from which much of the terminology of genre fiction derives. That water flows freely downriver, eventually irrigating fields, flooding paddies, moistening whatever metaphor you'd like.

Gygax, Arneson, and others drank deeply from that stream.

Games Workshop is even further downstream, taking terms like "elf," and "dwarf," and building an entire gaming universe. 

And now they're building a dam.

Hey, Games Workshop! Do you know what would have happened if Tolkien or Heinlein had built a dam? YOU WOULDN'T EXIST. Your whole business model hinges upon the shared imaginations of hundreds of thousands of people, all sharing a vernacular in which words like elf, dwarf, ogre, empire, and orc call up instant images. 

"Eldar" didn't mean "ancient elf" until Tolkien said it did. You drank that right up. Bob Olsen and E.E. Smith both used the term "Space Marines" back in the 1930s. Suck on that, too.

Hey, we get it. You don't want people selling stuff that might get confused with your game. But if you keep this up, you're going to have people confusing you with excrement.

Exercise some creativity. You did okay with Necron and Tyranid. "Ork" is a running joke world-wide, though. We're surprised you didn't pull "Dwarph" or "Elph" out of that same hat.

Seriously, instead of screwing the rest of the world to the point that somebody like Microsoft (Master Chief is a Space Marine, you morons) has to countersue you into oblivion, just pre-emptively screw your own customers with another round of codex releases. Give 'em better fluff. Retcon the names you can't keep. 

But don't build a dam. There is a lot of water in this river, and we will drown you in it.
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