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I reserve my comment because our democracy is dead and buried 1 year ago. I will only want to plead with FG to try and listen. Many Nigerians including me cannot say anything ( talk and be jailed for no just reason). Court order will be disobeyed and nobody can save you. It is better we keep quiet and continue suffering with our drinking garri. Thanks to some O.., he did a nice job. The past administration will be blamed but Nigerians are not babies.

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How to Choose the Right Host for Your Website
There are thousands of web hosting companies -- the services that essentially connect your site to the
internet. So how does an entrepreneur choose the one that's right for
his or her business? To ensure that your hosting company supports your business ne...

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What is HTTP/2 and How Does it Compare to HTTP/1.1?
HTTP/2 is one of the largest changes to how the web works since HTTP v1.1 was released in June 1999 .  The new HTTP/2 protocol will make web pages load significantly faster, both on the desktop and mobile. The
internet has changed dramatically since the HT...

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Security for Mobile Devices and Cloud Hosting Biggest Challenges for 2016
With the New Year being here, it’s time to start focusing in on how you can increase your security for 2016. Your mobile devices and cloud hosting are going to be vulnerable without the proper security in place and this is a great time of year to learn what...

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What is Web Hosting
If you're new to the world of creating websites, you might find
yourself asking yourself "What Is Web Hosting?". Maybe you have some
idea about what hosting is but you're not too sure. Web hosting
refers to a service that puts your website on the Interne...

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# days free trial

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X mas Promo: Order your web design before December 27, 2015 and get a full one year web hosting and domain name registration for free

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Get your online presence with ease this Christmas Season. Get 1 extra month free if you buy 1 month hosting. (For shared and reseller web hosting).

If you plan to rent our unmanaged dedicated server you can opt in for 3 days free trial without payment. All you need to do is type 3 days trial in the note before checking out.

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We welcome you all to this collection. This collection is for discussion of topics related to the web hosting industry and also helps newbies to understand what web hosting is all about. For now we would love to invite you to visit our site by clicking on the link below

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