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Joanne Gruskin
Living in our motor home and loving every minute of it.
Living in our motor home and loving every minute of it.

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What is it about hair?
Is it
only a girl thing? I don’t think so. Why are we so obsessed with our hair? All
of you who grew up with the hair of the moment—shiny, straight, swingy,
perfect, wow, were you lucky. Not me.
I grew up in the fifties. Can you imagine what it was like to ...

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To eat like a child
Caesar salad at ten in the
morning? Pizza and ice cream for breakfast on a cruise with Sarah? Key lime
shakes at home? Finally figured that one out.   Where would I be without my Vitamix? We laugh about the day we
were taken in by the $400 blender. It was t...

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Maybe the world has really changed
Has the world changed? Where have all the
thoughtful people gone? Is morality a dirty word?  My husband gleefully said “I told you so.”
His harping back to his small town roots where they used to leave the keys in
the car because they knew no one would take...

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Vacation: a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity (
  We’re headed off to Long Key State
Park for 11, count them   eleven, days of…nothing,
nada, peace, quiet. Where is Long Key State Park? It’s in the Florida Keys at
mile marker 67.5. That means it’s about 67 miles from Key West and 40 miles
from Key Largo,...

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Why do people think they have rights over other people's lives?
  Why did this happen to a brilliant high school senior? What makes me say what I say? This one should be obvious to
everyone who knows me and my family. We have been facing gay rights for a very
long time and trying to come to grips with all the errors we ...

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To FB or not to FB
So somewhere I saw the question about whether or not people
would pay for Facebook if it were no longer free. And it got me thinking. Facebook is one of the few addictions that’s free, harmless,
and readily available. Unlike other addictions.   In order to ...

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