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Miss me yet....?

Our 1st ever Craft Beer Festival fund raiser was a huge success today, between the local brewers, distributors, retailers, and home beer brewing club in attendance representing close to 50 different brews for our guests to sample. Our Ladies auxiliary provided food so everyone could take breaks from sampling beers to cleans their pallet....(absorb some alcohol).....and try a few more....
I came home with sore feet, 2 new T-shirts, and a growler of Sierra Nevada Tumbler, and hopefully our fire co. was able to put a few bucks back into the treasury.......

It's Thursday afternoon, my work week is done, and my weekend starts now......looking forward to dinner at the Windjammer with my wife. Friday night I'll be supervising a bonfire at the beach with SPFD 47 Engine. Saturday our fire company is hosting a craft beer festival, hopefully Sunday I can get in a ride on the Harley.......

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4-Wheeling through the woods (7 photos)
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Out past midnight at a Halloween party....5:45 am the pager goes off for a smoke detector activation in a residence......needless to say my plan to sleep in this morning was a dismal on my second cup of coffee waiting for my wife to wake up so we can go out for breakfast.......

Well I did the ride yesterday, 6 of us from the Red Knights Atlantic City, NJ Chapter #23 hit the road at 7:00am, and it was friggin cold....(47°F)....when we left the shore and headed west. We stopped about half way to our destination to pick up another Knight from another chapter. There we took a quick coffee break, maybe 10 minutes at most, and in that time it seemed like the temps went up 20 degrees cause the rest of the ride was quite pleasant.
We arrived at the church with 15 minutes to spare, and was slightly disappointed to only see 2 other riders in the parking lot. The family was scheduled to arrive at 9:30 am so we grabbed our American flags and made a flag line with the people we had. As the family and Hurst approached, what must of been over 150 riders rolled in and entered the church parking lot via the other driveway, circled around and parked next to our bikes. These were the Legion Riders from our area who took a different route to the church and must of taken a wrong turn somewhere. They quickly dismounted, grabbed their flags, and joined us in the flag line.
The service and viewing ran from 9:30 until almost 2:00 pm. First the immediate family, then the Marines held their own service, after that other family and friends were let in for another service...we maintained the flag line the whole time taking turns giving each other a chance to rest.
By the time the services at the church ended there were over a thousand riders from various clubs in attendance. from what I observered there were 3 different Christian MC's, 3 Law Enforcement MC's, Legion Riders from several different chapters, I lost count of how many different Military MC's were represented, however the one that stood out were the Leathernecks, an all Marine Corps MC, the 6 of us from the Red Knights, and of course the Patriot Guard ran the operation.
After the church services were over we all stood at attention and salute as they carried Capt. Ryan Iannelli's body out of the church, once the Marine honor guard had him secured in the Hurst, we were told to break rank and mount up....

Over a thousand bikes riding 2 X 2 for 11 miles to the Gloucester County Veterans Cemetery, flag barer's up front, the rest behind the Hurst and family. As we pulled out of the church driveway, a police officer in full dress uniform, and a fire officer in full dress uniform stood on opposite sides of the driveway in full salute to us as we left....(I thought that was pretty cool). On the road most everybody pulled over, came to a complete stop, many got out of their cars and stood with their hats off and hand over their was very moving to see a show of total respect for this young man, and by complete strangers who just happened to be driving in the opposite direction on that particular road at that particular time. Even a guy riding his bicycle stopped, took off his helmet and held it over his heart until every motorcycle and car in the procession passed.

When we arrived at the cemetery there were 2 fire dept tower ladders with their buckets in the air over the main entrance with a big American flag suspended between them. We rode under under the flag, took a path that looped us around, and parked next to the pathway to Capt. Iannelli's final resting place. Dismounted, and reformed our flag line, at attention and salute as the Marine honor guard carried Capt. Iannelli's casket past, then for hundreds of family, friends, and Marines. Once everyone had made their way to the grave site, we were put at ease, but maintained the flag line until the grave side service had ended. If all that wasn't emotional enough, a sailor played Taps, then a Bagpiper played Amazing Grace, but the thing that made this man cry was the formation of Apache Helicopters that did a ceremonial fly by, and as they came over the cemetery one broke formation to signify the loss of one of their pilots....

If this shit doesn't pull at your heart strings then you're either dead or not human. It was a lot of standing, and for as much pain as I was in with heel spurs and a bad back, there were men much older than I who stood there just like me, it was an honor to do it, and as much as I hope no more sons or daughters loose their lives in the line of duty, if and when I'm asked to attend another one of these services I will gladly do so without hesitation......(I've also signed on with the Patriot Guard).....

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Detail day......washed, waxed, detailed, oil & filter changed, anti-freeze and other fluids checked......the Jeep is ready for winter......

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Live burn drill with the Somers Point Fire Dept. Co.#2 at the Tony Canale Training Center, October, 2011
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Great Harley riding weather today.....Linda and I teamed up with Jimmy & Patty Somers, and took a ride up to Historic Smithville for their Octoberfest celebration. The "Ville" was jamming, food, beer, and all the craft junk you could imagine. Then we hit Jo Jo's Italian Restaurant on the way home and had a fantastic dinner......

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SPFD Co. #2
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