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Page #42
As the beast spoke it's injured tail began to stitch it self together. Kota could not take his eyes off of the demon it's claws and tail swinging back and forth.  (I have to take it out here if it eats anyone else it's power will be to great to kill and it ...

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Page #41
long all four of the competitors were choking on smoke. That is until the air
suddenly became very clear Kota thankful was still confused as the smoke flowed
out of the maze and into the mouth of the beast. The young woman wasn’t just
sucking in the ...

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Page #40
works Victor take a rest then I want you on the offensive with some elemental
magic.” Kota said as he pulled on his goggles. Reinforcing the stone walls
around him Kota saw through the rock and realized Victor’s magic was bound to
each wall, farther ...

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Page #39
the energy swirl around and through his opponents Kota realizes that all three
of their opponents have grounded their energy drawing large quantities of power
from the earth. That’s when the drumming begins a slow and steady rhythm the
Beast taps s...

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back ladies and gentle monsters It’s day two of the atlas annual bloodbath and
wow wee what a show Atlas has set up for us today! Yesterday’s victors team
Kota will be going up against a deadly combo that took second place at last
year’s bloodbath....

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Page #37
you really do that spell our clothes?” Kota asked pulling on his pants then
reaching past Victor and pulling out a gauntlet from the chest of armor. “In
theory yes I can spell a barrier that can withstand either projectile attacks
or close range strike...

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Kota that was funny and all but Atlas is a cold blooded killer, keep prodding
at him like that and you’ll end up killing all three of us.”  Victor’s eyes conveyed the fear that Kota was
inherently lacking. Azelf said nothing but nodded in agreement...

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Page #35
“Alright ladies and
gentlemen looks like the challenger made quick work of team spirit. The first
round of the bloodbath goes to team Kota who earned a rest until tomorrow. We
will have a short intermission while a crew cleans up the bodies until then we
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