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Firearms Pictures
This is a spot where I will upload what I think are neat pictures I have taken of firearms, enjoy:

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The rise or Europe; Common features of the Early Modern Period
Early Modern Period Commonalities             The Early Modern period, from about
1450 to the 1790’s was a time of immense change in every facet of Western life.
In 1450, the Western world, and particularly Western Europe was less than a
desirable place; pl...

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A brief History of the Super Bowl
A breif history of the Super bowl Super Bowl 1969 Super Bowl History The Very first Super Bowl, played on January 16, 1967 was known not as the Super Bowl but the somewhat more cumbersome “First World Championship Game: AFL Vs. NFL.” The name Super Bowl act...

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My Workout
Introduction This workout is designed for someone (me, as a matter of fact) who doesn't have more than a few hours a week to work out and limited access to fitness equipment. The sum total of my fitness equipment at home is one barbell, some weights and a h...

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The Protestant Reformation: Reform or Revolution
The question we are seeking to answer in
this short paper is: In what ways was the “Protestant Reformation” a “transfer
of power?” How was it a “correction of abuses?” In this context, a transfer of
power means something close to a revolution in that it inv...

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The Enlightenment
Here is another paper I wrote for school that I really liked. The
enlightenment was a philosophical movement dedicated to personal freedom and
knowledge seeking centered on the eighteenth century. The enlightenment
espoused ideas ranging from sexual freedom...

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A paper I wrote for class about how Rome went from being a politically inclusive Republic to a harsh dictatorship. The paper focuses on the transition period.

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How a mighty Republic became a dictatorship
Here is a paper I wrote for my Early Western History class about the fall of the Roman Republic and how and why it gave way to the Empire and the subsequent loss of political and eventually economic freedom. This lesson from history is instructive for anyon...

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Best Pizza Recipe
Continuing my tradition of manliness, I bring you my homemade pizza recipe! Cook Time Prep time:   2 hours 30 min Cook time:   20 min Ready in:   2 hours 50 min Yields:   Serves 6 This is actually a combination of recipes. It's my dough recipe (though this ...

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Historical Point of Interest: Calvin Coolidge's inaugural address.
Considering the words I have highlighted in Red; are these things still true of America? Was has broken here politically so bad in the last 100 years? Calvin Coolidge's Inaugural Address  (From the Internet Modern History Sourcebook) No one can contemplate ...
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