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A collaborative encyclopedia of free team building activities, free icebreakers, teamwork resources, and tools for teams.
A collaborative encyclopedia of free team building activities, free icebreakers, teamwork resources, and tools for teams.

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+Colorado Teambuilding Events - interesting new twist on #philanthropic #teambuilding! We have found a variety of models, but building beehives is unique.
With our "Into The Hive" #Teambuilding, teams learn about organization, membership, division of work & communication:

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Good list +Michael Cardus !

"Challenge by Choice" is another good general rule.
3 rules of #teambuilding:
1. Any activity you facilitate is used to reinforce the content / objectives of the process.
2. NEVER lead an activity because you want to embarrass or laugh at people (don't be a dick).
3. Accept the groups' & peoples' resistance. It is your job to find how they cooperate best then do more of that.
What else?

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Need support for your #newyearsresolution to #getfit or stay in shape and #giveback? +Team In Training is one of the best and supports a great cause.
With Team In Training, you have access to a network of local fitness partners, you get fundraising support and the chance to be a part of a powerful force that has raised more than $1.4 billion to fund research and treatment advances for cancer patients around the world.

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Congrats City Year on 25 years of success, and here's to 25 more! A great article describing the new model.

Most of the initial team building activities on Teampedia were inspired by activities used at CityYear and Teampedia has grown with the help of many members of the City Year Alumni Association & AmeriCorps Alums, including: Jeff Murphy, Rick Jakious, Camille Kennedy, Eric Johnson, Matthew Little, Andrew Raven, Jordan Roberts, Nikki Tabron and Alissa Ziemianski and consultation and support from Adhi Nagraj, Archie Nagraj, Jana Zvibleman, Bruce Marbin, devora marbin, Jyothi Marbin, Alexandra Allen, Charlie Rose and many more.

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Haven't read the 5 Dysfunctions of Team? It's a fast read, check out this summary to get you started.
Patrick Lencioni's 5 Dysfunctions of a Team:

1. Absence of Trust - without trust, teamwork is all but impossible.

2. Fear of Conflict - productive conflict produces the best possible solution in the shortest period of time.

3. Lack of Commitment - commitment is a function of two things: clarity and buy-in. Both are needed to create a high-performing team.

4. Avoidance of Accountability - team members must be willing to confront peers when behavior or performance issues arise.

5. Inattention to Results - team members must be focused solely on the collective goals of the group.

Read our in-depth 8-page summary of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team to find out why genuine teamwork in most organizations remains as elusive as it has ever been, and how organizations can overcome these 5 dysfunctions to produce high-performing teams that consistently create wins for your organization.

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#optimism  - pass it on!
I feel optimistic about the future because humanity seems to be growing more mature; scientists are paying more attention to our inner values, to the study of mind and the emotions. There is a clear desire for peace and concern for the environment.

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Good Team Building VS. Bad Team Building:

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This is 100% true -The Height of Stupidity in Team Building | Team Building Blog - Corporate Team Building

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We have a new blog post...If you are considering a Team Building Activity using Experiential learning, read on.

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