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I visited Horse Shoe Bend last week and this is an excellent photo of me taken by my good friend +Santiago Almada :D #grandcanyon   #Horseshoebend   #Arizona   amazing place!

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This might be the number one reason I don't visit +Google+ that much anymore, lets see how this experiment by +Tamara Pruessner works out :) 
New Day's Hope

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how my main stream no longer shows everyone, or even a few and their newest posts, about how my own posts get increasingly smaller interaction, and how if my posts are doing that, then everyone's are.  I think the algorithm that governs what we see and what others see of our own stuff has gotten too restrictive.  And it frustrates me to no end - especially when I have 100 new posts in my stream and most are either 24 hours old, something I have already seen (and plussed or commented) or both.  Fresh isn't happening anymore and it is FRUSTRATING.

I don't normally notify anyone of my posts but for this, I am (and I am not even sure how many will get the notification - over 3500 in my circles).  What I am proposing is an experiment of sorts.  To all of those that comment on this post, I will go to your stream and plus the heck out of you, comment as much as possible, and over the next week, share a few my favorite posts.  Here is the catch - you have to share this post or something similar, calling your own circles to action.  

Let's see if we can shake up the algorithm a bit.  Let's see if we can take back control of our streams LIKE WE SHOULD HAVE.  Let's see if our streams start showing our favorite people again.  A week from now, I will make a new post so I can see if my stream has changed... hopefully, mine will and so will yours.

#ShakeUpTheStream   #landscapephotography   #landscape   #Arizona   #desert   #sunrise  


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Foghat, Kansas, Cheap Trick
¿Listo para ganar un pase doble para el Vallarta-Nayarit Classic Rock Festival? ¡Participa!

Ready to win a pair of tickets for the Vallarta-Nayarit Classic Rock Festival? Participate!

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For #earthday  and TIME's #MyBeautifulEarth some of my past photos. And this is why I love #landscapephotography  :) 

+My Beautiful Earth 
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Webinar: posicionamiento de tu negocio en Las redes sociales, solo 500 pesos desde la comodidad de tu casa u oficina! 

si te interesa tener tu negocio al día en las redes sociales no puedes perderte este webinar, el sábado 12 de abril de 10am a 2pm hora central de México!

#webinar   #mexico   #posicionamientoweb   #redessociales  

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now live :) #landscapephotography  
Landscape Photography Show Episode #29 with Dan Hughes
Focus Stacking: Why, When and how should we use it. 

Come join Professional Photographer and post-processing guru +Dan Hughes and the +Landscape Photography Show Team on Tuesday March 25th at 7 PM PDT/8 PM MDT/9 PM CDT/10 PM EDT.  Dan is a photographer and Post Processing Guru, and a trains people in using a variety of post processing software. He loves to share his knowledge and help others with photography and processing! Come learn from the very best!

Be sure to circle the +Landscape Photography Show page!  We have a new look and a new URL!!

Share your favorite landscape photographs where depth of field is an important element. Maybe one of the panelists will select your photo as the Show Starter and give you a shout out on air!

Join the fun on Tuesday March 25, 2014 at 7 PM PDT/8 PM MDT/9 PM CDT/10 PM EDT.  See you there!!

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+HTC announces the HTC One M8

This morning +HTC announced the long awaited squeal to last years HTC One Android smart phone. I was luckily one of a few people outside HTC to have access to the phone and have been using it over the last two months on a variety of my trips around the globe. Check out my in-depth review that touches on what's new, the technology behind the "duo camera" and much more...

The photo below is from an epic sunrise over the Canadian Rockies one morning last month with the #HTCOneM8  

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Our latest photowalk :) #photowalkpvr  +PhotoWalkPVR :D 
PhotowalkPVR La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
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Let’s Publish Plus One Collection III - SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW ACCEPTED!

Want to be in the next volume of Plus One Collection charity book? Read on and act now!

Ever since Google+ launched, we’ve been publishing photography books that contained some of the best photographs you shared. We published two volumes so far. It wasn’t just a nice coffee table book - but all proceeds from the sale went to great causes. Two years ago we raised over $10,000 for Kiva. A year ago we raised over $13,000 for the Kilgoris Project and we bought cameras for kids in Kenya. This year’s cause will soon be announced, but as usual, all proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit a charitable cause. 

You can see more here (though the website will soon be updated to include this year’s information) -

Who can get published? Anyone! We hope to get as many submissions as possible. Due to the volume, we can’t publish them all, but we will publish as many as we can. 

Is there a theme this year? Yes, there is. The theme for this year’s book is “Our World” and the book will be split into three sections - “Our Planet”, “Our People” and “Our Creations”. You can interpret it however you’d like - we’d love to see how you express these. 

Do we accept color or B&W images? Either one is great.

How can you submit the work? Here are simple instructions: 

1 - Download and fill out image release form from here - (you can even scan it using your phone, or use apps such as SignNow or TurboScan)
2 - Fill out the information about yourself and upload your work here -
3 - Upload your submission to Google+, and tag it with #PlusOneCollectionIII tag 

Can you submit more than one image? Sure! You can submit first image for free. To submit three images to all three themes, or even three images to one theme (which increases your chances to get published), please make a small donation of $20 to our charitable cause (again, all of that will be donated with the book proceeds). Here’s the link to donate via PayPal -

Will you showcase all the submissions? Yes. All submissions will show up in the SmugMug gallery we will setup in the next day or two. Please allow 48 hours for your photo to appear there. 

When will you announce which images made it into the book? We will announce it in early April. 

The last day to submit your images is March 17!

Please help us spread the world about this by sharing this post. 

Questions? Leave them in the comments. 

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What an amazing view... this is definitely in my bucket list

"sixth element" #Vimeo #auroraborealis #timelapse #hyperlapse #northernlights #nature #night #moon #thomasbergersen
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