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Chandra Indra Purnama (Sadra)
Works at Chaninpur Institution
Attends Parahyangan Catholic University
Lives in Bandung, West Java, 40291, Indonesia
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God bless you!
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"In 1990, just prior to the release of his third studio album The Soul Cages, Sting's record label licensed Dutch DJ and producer Ben Liebrand to remix "Englishman in New York" and subsequently released it as a single."
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'In the name of Jesus Christ, through Holy Spirit's guide and entertain, as service to Lord the Father Almighty.'
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"Corrupted corruptor, where are they corrupted corruptor?

Is this real lists corrupted corruptor!

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One of the biggest leaks in journalistic history reveals the secretive offshore companies used to hide wealth, evade taxes and commit fraud by the world's dictators, business tycoons and criminals. Panama Papers are documents obtained from a Panama-based offshore services provider called Mossack ...
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"In Elementary School, I had a male friend named Jihad, he had mental retardation and get a lot of bully at school because of his appearance, behaviour and name; people usually called him smelly feet or idiot giant, but he is very kind especially to birds and other little animals. I usually walked him home from school to make sure he was all right and share food with him. He was from SDN Citapen Tasikmalaya, we were friends up until I moved to another school."

If ever there are people in need, make sure that we are ready to help; nothing feels better than just the right amount of it.
Raising a child with an intellectual disability (ID, formerly mental retardation) can be a rewarding, but daunting and exhausting task. There are many
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"If we can help people with unaligned lips, why can't we help people without hands and legs?"
The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago introduced a new bionic arm that can be controlled by reading a person's thoughts. How does this technology work? Can you control a machine with thoughts? Learn about the bionic arm in this article.
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"Mandelbrot with Acapella, why not?"
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"A 1992 ballad performed as a duet by the American singers Patty Smyth and Don Henley. The song was written by Glen Burtnik."
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"Terror is happening only and only if there are vagabond acts in its felony"
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"Saya nemuin notes romantis di hard-drive tercatat pas saya masih di Fisika-UI entah saya lagi iseng nulis, copas dari orang, atau ada yang email, saya lupa.  Begini tulisannya, di revisi sedikit dan di tambah garang pake gambar. 

Selamat membaca, happy weekend! Selamat bergakjelasria!"

PS. Kalau enggak ngerti sains, enggak akan paham sih mungkin.


Archimedes dan Newton tak akan mengerti
Medan magnet yang berinduksi di antara kita
Einstein dan Edison tak sanggup merumuskan E=mc2
Ah tak sebanding dengan momen cintaku!

Pertama kali bayangmu jatuh tepat di fokus hatiku
Nyata, tegak, diperbesar dengan kekuatan lensa
Bagai tetes minyak milikan jatuh di ruang hampa
Cintaku lebih besar dari bilangan avogadro!

Walau jarak kita bagai matahari dan Pluto saat
Amplitudo gelombang hatimu berinterfensi dengan hatiku
Seindah gerak harmonik sempurna tanpa gaya pemulih
Bagai kopel gaya dengan kecepatan angular yang tak

Energi mekanik cintaku tak terbendung oleh friksi
Energi potensial cintaku tak terpengaruh oleh tetapan
Energi kinetik cintaku = -mv~
Bahkan hukum kekekalan energi tak dapat menandingi
hukum kekekalan di antara kita

Lihat hukum cinta kita
Momen cintaku tegak lurus dengan momen cintamu
Menjadikan cinta kita sebagai titik ekuilibrium yang
sempurna Dengan inersia tak terhingga
Takkan tergoyahkan impuls atau momentum gaya

Inilah resultan momentum cinta kita:
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Stepping up to ASEAN's digital future: Will you define it or be swept aside by it? The terms of competition have changed. Digital disruption has swept aside traditional industry boundaries, wreaked havoc on existing business models, redefined the rules of engagement with customers and business ...
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Be careful with Bear Brand branding through Nestle, Internationally as I found out Bear Brand had been a controversial branding for milk and others, and I though it was suspended in 2006 by Nestle International if I was not mistaken; the given staunch to Indonesia was through plants other means, cocoa, and malt, not sweetened or pure milk in the statement through my quick review. 

I just do not want any teachers to be a victim of marketing compliance and further harms perhaps when used to babies which could lead into mitochondrial disease.

Please check into international and check also in the research and the health issues in countries that were using this, I am not trying to impend anything, I was just curious on baby milk and other stuff, and found several intriguing facts.

Is it true?
March 16, 2006. Nestlé Using Deadly Labels in South Asia. Another shocking example of Nestlé's disastrous and negligent marketing practices has surfaced in Laos. Dr. Leila Srour, one of INFACT Canada's colleagues in the region, has reported visiting a village in the Southeast Asian country and ...
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Hazel-Blue Eyes (Contacts), 69.3" - 147.71 lbs, White-Yellowish-Tan
I live in a pretty busy environment.  I like to make businesses and conduct self-researches.  I like to write on occasion; I write novels, poems, short-story, or even tags.  I am a fan of science especially mathematics and physics more specifically those concerning time & dimension though I like every kind of science at large.  I'm good speaker and I master presentation in English.  I like reading novels as such Sherlock Holmes, John Grisham, Agatha Christie, and Tolkien.  I like action, colossal, and animation especially Disney movies.  I'm pretty much a fan of Jazz and I really like blue, black, and violet or purple.  
Bragging rights
I have survived a brutal fights with gang of extremists, I have survived schizophrenia, and I earn a special award for performance in a youth international science conference.
  • Parahyangan Catholic University
    Physics, 2010 - present
    I study undergraduate physics courses to complete my undergraduate degree
  • University of Indonesia
    Physics, 2008 - 2010
    I studied basic undergraduate physics courses which were going to have major in Theoretical and Nuclear Science
Basic Information
Other names
Muhammad Sadhra Ali
CEO Job-desks, Writing Novels, Managing & Giving Ideas of Research, Running Long-term Businesses, and Analysis
Indonesian to English or Vice-versa Translation, Narration, description, and exposition writings, Research methodologies, Basic remote viewing, Basic hypnosis, Physics, mathematics, and science research, Debating, Presentation and public speaking, Event organizer, and Managerial conduct
  • Chaninpur Institution
    CEO & Founder, 2012 - present
    I work to form Business Planning, Long-term & Short-term Plans, Make Deals, Create Accounting, Research Ideas and Building, as well as Team Management and Team Building
  • Bentang Pustaka
    Author, 2006 - 2011
    I write an Indonesian children-youth book with the title "Para Penunggang Petir"
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Bandung, West Java, 40291, Indonesia
Bandung, West Java, 40191, Indonesia - Bandung, West Java, 40153, Indonesia - PO BOX 40161 (Old Post Office Postal Address [Not Mine Used Anymore]) Bandung, West Java