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here comes trouble...
here comes trouble...


The Zero Hour Part 3 - Dreams! In honor of being extended three more months we will be doing a show about dreams. Yours and ours! Once again you will be a major part of the show. Your suggestions will bring your dreams to life via Zero Boy and his cast of wild performers. Come with your imagination and leave entertained and amazed!  
Wed, March 16, 2016
Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm
The Slipper Room
New York, NY
$10.00 - $12.00 at the door.

-Entrepot Danseur interactive Bianca will be there to document your Zero Hour Journey.
-William Shakespeare will make your dreams come true.
-Ride with Angelo Silver into your dreams!
-Sabrina Chap will sing you into laughing hysterics!
-A surprise visit by Satyr GoGoatboy!  
-Nina t-bone, our set decorator and stage manager in latex!

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This Wednesday, 1/13/16 at The Slipper Room in LES stars "The Zero Hour",  the new show produced by ZeroBoy!  I am Stage Manager and Prop Master for this show- come on down and have fun!  Support our efforts now so we can get invited back next month.

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Epic-ness below!  After brutally complaining and searching for years for manufacturer-new vintage 1992-1996 shifters, they were found and I installed them this week.  Huge ups to Joe and the crew at 718 Cyclery for giving me: space to work, access to All the Tools and cleaning products, and expert advice for when I got stuck.  I rebuilt the hub last week, and after replacing shifters and brakes am feeling pretty mechanically alright.  Yay 718 C- thanks for the support! Seriously, I'm like a bird with clipped wings stuck on one gear who is now freeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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Help for Nepal:
I was in Nepal less than two years ago.  The earthquake has been devastating, looking at photos of the aftermath and seeing buildings and places reduced to rubble is surreal. While earth-shaking has subsided, the true horror continues.  Below is information on organizations that are directly helping the Nepalese in Kathmandu, shared with me from people who are helping on the ground, so you know the money will go towards the needy and not towards administration.

"Shenpen - a non-profit established 10 years ago in Nepal.  They are currently working in collaboration with the monks from Costanzo's school to purchase and deliver food and shelter tarps to remote villagers. They were able to mobilize quickly and with their local knowledge and connections were the first people to bring aid to several areas.
You can donate on their webpage:
and check out their efforts on their Facebook page: Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen

Dirghayu Guru Hospital - a small private hospital that is providing free life saving care to victims who would otherwise have nowhere to go.  As search and rescue teams return to Kathmandu from mountain villages, there is a flood of injured arriving at Dirghayu Guru Hospital. Despite the numbers they have not turned away even one patient because of the inability to pay. The hospital needs help to purchase medicine, surgical supplies, food and more beds.  A GoFundMe account has been established by our close friend (and Bodhi's Godmother), Naila Sattar to collect and directly deliver donations.  Here is the link:"

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The sound is amazing.

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