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Ahh, The Olympics! = 2 Weeks of TV to watch when nothing else is on! #olympics2012  

Nice seeing Google+ with a small facelift.
Yes, I know i'm a bit late on this.

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Vote for Teens in Tech for your favorite college startup for 2012. We will greatly appreciate it!

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New Video! What's in Your Wallet?

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If you haven't already, check out my Ultimate New Mac Users Guide on Make Tech Easier. Perfect for if you're new to a Mac.
If you are new to Mac, check out this New Mac user guide.

Now that Google+ is open to teens, do you think that it will drastically increase users? Do you think it's best for Google+? Let me know, I want to know your thoughts!

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My lighthearted by thought provoking take on if #SOPA went a little too far.

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NEW VIDEO! Parody of the video "Shit Girls Say" and more. Enjoy, comment, reshare, and favorite!
Sh!t Vloggers Say

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NEW VIDEO! Can I ice skate? Watch the video to see my amazing ice skating skills!

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Day on the ice!
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