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This looks amazing. Which reminds me I need to pick it up

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Nothing to do with anything game related but as +Jay Murphy​ is the Mastermind behind behind USR Sword and Sorcery, I created OneDice Supers. To honor Christmas in July here are the links to our games.

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So - Dark Streets is awesome. The information about London, crime and punishment, vice, and the whole idea of being Bow Street Runner - London's first organized police force is kind of mind blowing.

Then spice to taste with Mythos - just awesome.

I would highly recommend it.

Does anyone have the Last Unicorn Games Star Trek books they are willing to part with?

Does anyone know the update on +Charlie Mason​ White Box?

I thought the new version was ready to go but none of the old links work.

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I didn't see the post about the next game. Are we gaming in the morning?

As my ToC went missing - I am curious if anyone has used Bubblegumshoe on a more pulp level and what adjustments were made?

I have been trying to track down some titles for a long time and there are some books that I have been meaning to acquire for sometime. I would prefer to trade unless the price is right.

What I am looking for:

- Stealing Cthulhu
- Carcosa (Second Printing - Hardback LotFP)
- Achtung! Cthulhu Players Guide
- Achtung! Cthulhu Keepers Guide
- Vampire the Masquerade 1st Edition

What I have:

- Vaginas are Magic (LotFP)
- Limited Edition and Signed Robotech Rpg books
- Lots of Exalted 2nd
- Lots of World of Darkness (new and old)
- 3.5 DnD books
- Signed 2nd edition Ravenloft adventure
- Smiling Jack's Bar and Grill Wild Dice

I am planning to go through my boxes this week as a lot of books with be put on consignment at my local store. If you are looking for something, ask and I'll see what I have. 

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Introducing Thomas de Fronsac...........(His first name is pronounced ToMas)


Thomas (pronounced ToMas) de Fronsac was born to a Gentry family in France. Growing up he was given the best that money could buy in regards to education and training in fencing, marksmanship, and other aspects of his social status.

During his teenage and young adult years he quickly discovered he could easily get into as well as out of trouble. In addition to learning that a smile, some poetry, and his good looks made him very popular with the women. Thomas did everything he could to avoid the politics and intrigue of high society.

Thomas eventually tired of the needless games the rich girls liked to play and soon fund himself making consistent outings to the various villages in search of calmer women and new adventures that he realised the people truly suffer - they are overtaxed and never seem to have the basic necessities to live comfortably. Thomas tried to ignore such sites but the more outings he made the more he saw and heard and experienced.

When Thomas tried to bring up the plight of the people to his family he was told “this is how is must be” and found no further help in the matter. Thomas even traveled and spoke to the local nobility multiple times and each plea seemed to fall on colder shoulders.

He then decided to take it upon himself to help the people. Under the cover of his usual carousing he become a highwayman and robbed shipments of money, food, and other supplies to give for the people but he kept a few shares for himself here and there. This soon attracted the attention of like minded individuals and the law. Became a cat and mouse game from the law and Thomas with his small crew of bandits.

Between the highway robberies and the carousing he still tried to plead with the nobility. After more attempts he caught the ear of the Duke’s and she wanted to help but could not do it openly. This led to secret meetings between the two which then lead to them ending up in bed together. One of these tumbles in the hay led to the Duke catching them in the act and the Duke made Thomas’s life a living hell afterwards.

The Duke soon assumed that Thomas had to be involved with the robberies somewhere and the Duke threatened Thomas with charges (legitimate or not) if he did not leave his lands.

Thomas fled and quickly realized his skill set was well suited for the mercenary life and fought with various companies as he traveled. He eventually got involved with the New Model Army and meet some people that have been the first people he has considered friends since he left his Homeland.


Thomas is always well spoken and has an high society air about him. In addition to having a habit of being a general smart ass - especially to authority. He is very intelligence and can navigate various social situations with ease. Despite his gentlemen like nature - he loves to have a good time and has developed a thing for women of lower social classes (they are more interesting).
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