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A Google+/Facebook observation: Having to select circles to "share" posts with somehow makes it feel like spam, like I'm targeting people. And then I imagine their individual reactions; I imagine a lot of cringing at whatever inane thing I've said. On Facebook, the wall metaphor suggests that people voluntarily come to check out what you've posted. But here, a post targets specific people and is on a "stream"—a moving channel from me to them—making it feel like a more active and intrusive form of communication.

Ironically, I'm sending this to all of my circles.
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I agree with you that circles are a huge improvement for privacy. I'm speaking more about the hesitance I felt to post and what its cause might be. Maybe if the word "share" was replaced with something that means "allow to see" (but shorter and catchier) and "stream" was replaced with an immobile metaphor for something that is yours (like your wall), my hesitance would go away. Mostly I'm curious about whether anyone else feels similarly. But maybe I'm just a big sissy trying to rationalize my sissy nature.
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