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Kwangjae Jung

Witch Doctor  - 
Finally I've reached one million dps so I can now throw it away. Or what should be my next goal to achieve?
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Way more then that.
I just jumped on my wizard today after not playing for months. My damage and toughness once I get moving through a GR are 3.4 million and 300 million.
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Kwangjae Jung

Talk about English  - 
Sorry for tossing a sudden question but is following a right sentence?

You can take the medications as much as you think you need to.
You can take as much medication as you think you need to.

Enlighten me please!
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"You can take as much of the medication as you think you need." -- You have a bottle of cough syrup, and you can choose the dosage.

"You can take the medication as much as you need to." -- Take one teaspoonful at a time, but you can take it every 2 hours, or every 4 hours, depending on how much you're coughing.
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Kwangjae Jung

Shared publicly  - 
Cooked dinner, ate too much, happens all the time.
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Have come back to playing after few months and found out my lack of knowledge for the recent updates. What's the season? And what good does it do to my characters? And my WD has less DP than I expect it to have what should I do?
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+Spencer Ashby thanks
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Kwangjae Jung

Uncategorized  - 
I need to organize a debate competition at school, where Koreans kids learn English as a foreign language. Need to find some rubrics for scoring and other things. Anybody can give some help? or Where can I find related materials online?
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I've worked as a teacher at some private universities here in my country I wish I could help you :))
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## sudden question alert! #
Is it possible to say :

He pointed to it grazing in the distance and asked his native guide to identify it.

Is it okay to use "grazing in the distance" and "it" together in this sentence? I can't remember any sentences including a personal pronoun followed by -ing form.
Enlighten me please!
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Thx for comments guys!
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This is exactly what I want my ride in the garage looks like.
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And I post it on the wrong community. Sorry.
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I need some help, experts out there!

1. This architecture seems to be the most unique in Rotterdam.
2. This seems to be the most unique architecture in Rotterdam.

what do you think about the sentences above? Is no.1 ungrammatical?
 I think if I need to use "the" in the sentence, I need to move the noun, "architecture" to behind "unique like in no.2.

Suppose this is a question from a school exam. Then I need to consider no.1 is a wrong answer?
I know I shouldn't have chosen to be a non-native English teacher!
Thx in advance.
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+Speakspeak​ you're right. I think I missed something important to consider. 
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Kwangjae Jung

Shared publicly  - 
Sunday lunch with kids. Mom's out and I'm stranded home. :) Nothing better than Sunday spaghetti with shrimp and sausage.
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+Kwangjae Jung that's a perfect time to nap :D
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If there is anyone who played WD mainly and achieved a million DP, please show me the way to get there?
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Fill all the slots with maxed out topaz gems. It is possible. Apart from your weapon where you need a green one. 
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Kwangjae Jung

General Zombies Discussion  - 
Fuck Never expected TWD could have me cry. Damn I liked Beth.
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Kwangjae Jung

Song Writing  - 
Sudden question! When I decide to write a song under the key of D major and have made a certain chord progression, should I use only the notes included in D major scale to make melodies? 
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keep in diatonic harmony, and throw some extra notes here and there, nothing that clashes of course, but even a clash note could sound good in between the phrasing.
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