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Love the Mamba mouse. Just bought another to replace my six year old Mamba, as that will now be used for laptop duties.

But PLEASE, do something about your driver support. Synapse deleted the USB.INF and USB.PNF files in my C:\Windows\inf folder, first upon the initial installation of Synapse and then, after I copied those files back in, it did it again when it finally did recognise my mouse and then Synapse updated itself!

So I've proven twice that it was Synapse that both prevented the mouse from being recognised in Windows 7 (64 bit) AND killed my USB keyboard driver in the process.

If anyone else has this problem, check C:\Windows\inf for the presence of USB.INF and USB.PNF. If either (or both) of those files are missing, then copy them back in from C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\usb.inf_amd64_neutral_* (just pick the most recently dated folder, which will contain those two files). For 32 bit systems, I'd imagine it will be usb.inf-x86 or something similar. Not sure on that one.

Best of luck!

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Hey guys,

The app seems to be unable to parse the data from the Australia Post website when tracking mail items in general. Here's a sample URL for you to investigate when you get the chance.

Since upgrading from my Samsung Note2 to a Note4, I restored a backup of my Note2 set up onto the Note4. However, in the folders, I don't see the 3-dots menu button in the bottom right corner for the Add and Sort options. It reports that I'm running v3.2.

Any ideas why I'm missing the menu button in the folders?
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