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Jason Gignac
Paladin of the Dystheists, Lord Protector of the Bleaks
Paladin of the Dystheists, Lord Protector of the Bleaks

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On the Death of Terry Pratchett
Sometimes, They tell you little stories,   When the good ones die, Sometimes they're even sweet, or bittersweet,   But in the end, they are currents in the river. And, a current is kindly, after all:   Its a medium for carrying on. A current could rush you ...

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Nymph, Sylph, Mirror-glass
The water suspends, As warm as a womb, It whispers currents, From the bloom of my own Languor. The air, she lays the steam So soft and slow against the mirror-glass, So soft and slow like mother lays Her child in the bassinet. Then, unburdened, And left fre...

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Book Review - Flora Segunda
It has been awfully long time since this blog had a book review, but then its been an awfully long time since this blog had writing often at all, and one must have words, mustn't one, eventually? At least this one. Flora Segunda was publish in 2007, and giv...

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Exile's Song
Old Mother East Wind, Blow on down. Old Mother East Wind, Blow on down. Gonna chase my torn boot soles, As I run from this town.  Old Mother East Wind, Blow on down. Old Mother North Wind, Hush-a-bye. Old Mother North Wind, Hush-a-bye. Don’t say where I’m g...

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Comfort Food
Yes, that is indeed a gigantic Kraft Dinner noodle. Thank you, America I really, really love Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. No, you're smiling right now, I know. You're thinking, "Haha, yeah, me too, PBJ's, that's the life." Stop that. This is bigger t...

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Running out of Gas
I am the consummate runner-out-of-gas (that is... one who runs out of gas, not, one who runs, who is out of gas, or... one who runs while lacking gas. Or... one who runs to exit some tank of gasoline? Don't you love English?). Oh, chuckledy, you my friend, ...

In my continuing effort to humiliate myself in my job, I may end up singing Freddie Mercury on stage over the next few weeks.

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Don't forget, my darlings, today is Ada Day! Put up a post about your hero :).

Friday arrives, and wait patiently for me to dissect it. So much to do, so much to do!

Genius from Neal Stephenson:
"It was of course nothing more than sexism - the especially virulent type espoused by male techies who sincerely believe that they're too smart to be sexist."
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