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puisi itu hidup..
puisi itu hidup..

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"I Love Him"
drifted off to sleep when the natural,
silence not spoken a word.
can only be looked at much up there,
to make this long smakin flushed.

kutermangu in silence,
drowned in silence.
wind only give peace of evening,
when parasmu clearly illustrated in the eyelid.

I drew a figure like bayangmu,
but the shadow of a shadow.
I felt every inch of ice to infiltrate the blood stream,
I take a deep breath tuk relieve any tightness that is,

when I looked up at the moon, ......

my heart whispers' I miss her,
I know she will miss her ...
could not help it the tears fall,
mengiring an unbearable longing again.

and re-kuberbisik softly, with his head bowed,
"I miss her, I LOVE HER"
, ........ I miss him very much.´╗┐

It still waits
Even when the sky is no longer gray
And the heart no longer blue

Because when he comes
There is a missing piece
Scent trail in the recalled

And when he went
My heart no longer own
My heart is no longer here´╗┐
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