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William Keller
All the bilk that's fit to print.
All the bilk that's fit to print.
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Blackberry (~5.5 gallons)
1 gallon blueberry honey 
~3 quarts frozen blackberries, puréed
Red star Montrachet (2 packs)
2 tbs pectic enzyme
OG 1.14

Bochet (~4.5 gallons)
1 gallon blueberry honey, caramelized for ~2.5 hours
EC-1118 (2 packs)
At pitching, 2 tsp Fermax, 2 tsp Yeast Nutrient
OG 1.092

Both happily bubbling away in less than two hours!

Upcoming projects:

Acerglyn (mead/maple syrup combination)

I'm hoping to have access to a half-gallon or gallon of B-Grade maple syrup in the next few weeks. If all goes well, I'm going to attempt a 5.5 gallon batch. Here's my planned recipe:

1 gallon honey
1/2 gallon syrup
Wyeast 1388 or Lalvin 71-B (both leave significant residual sugars and retain floral aromas)
Staggered yeast nutrients (Diammonium phosphate & GoFerm/Yeast Nutrient)
Estimated OG: 1.1
Estimated FG: 1.005
Estimated ABV: 12.5%

Bochet (burnt/toasted honey mead)

I'll post updates as they progress.

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The Silkies
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found an exiting recipe somewhere on a forum that i had to try. A jalapeno, cucumber mead.

the recipe for 5 liter:
1.8 kg honey
4 jalapeno pepper
1 cucumber
yeast nutrient
mead yeast.

the recipe for 1 gal

3 lbs honey 
3 Big Jalapenos
1 Cucumber
Yeast and nutrient

wash the jalapeno and cucumber and cut in pieces. I removed the seeds but if you like it hot then leave them in.

Boil 2 liter of water and when that is boiling remove from the heat and add the cucumber and jalapeno. Leave this for 30 minutes and remove all the veggies and warm the liquid again and stir in the honey.

Put the liquid in your fermenter and add the yeast and nutrient and fit an airlock and let it ferment.

After fermenting i will see if the taste of the cucumber and jalapeno comes trough allright and otherwise i will "dry hop" with some cucumber and jalapeno in secondary.

tasted the veggie soup with the honey and the combination is strange but great, first you get the cucumber and chili taste and then the heat of the chili and then the honey kicks in to mellow down the heat.. Cant wait how this turns out and thinking of a new recipe with habanero and madam jeanet (suriname red and suriname yellow)
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What are your favorite yeast strains? I've been making a lot with Montrachet, EC-1118, Lalvin 71-B and Wyeast 1388 lately. Each gives a specific flavor profile, but it's been fun to compare the results when only a few variables are mixed up.

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