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Reed organ
Information and news about Reed organs, both suction and pressure, for anyone who is interested in this musical instrument
Information and news about Reed organs, both suction and pressure, for anyone who is interested in this musical instrument

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These volunteers do a great job. Very nice to see. With +Rodney Jantzi

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A new piece, nice to hear and it seems not to be too difficult. That means very great.

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Abbé Vogler (June 15, 1749 – May 6, 1814), plays a very profound role in the development of free reed instruments. In Stockholm he met Rackwitz am assistent of organ builder Kirsnickm the free reeds. Kirsnick played a role in in building the device for Kratzenstein with free reeds. Kratzenstein however didn't make it for musical purposes, but Kirsnick thereafter did and Vogler ordered a portable organ with free reeds in pipes, called the Ochestrion. In Rotterdam several rebuilds of this instrument were made. With this he spread the knowledge of the free reed for musical purposes through Europe.

Vogler was a very famous and disputed musician (Mozart f.i. disliked him very much). Still he has great merits inthe muscial history of Europe.

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Beautiful improvidsations that shows the versatility of this powerful #reedorgan .

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An abandoned #reedorgan

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6 October 1871 The Fisk Jubilee Singers with a #reedorgan. 

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The #reedorgan museum in Katowice in Poland. The explanation in the video in French but comprehensible for those who don't understand a word in French

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Ragtime wit reed organ. I posted just before another video of this band, but this video focuses even more on the reed organ and shows how versatile a reed organ really is.

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Great use of a reed organ in some kind of jazz setting. Wonderful music.

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Here the link to the score of : Wenn die Schwalben heimwärts zieh'n:

The score includes also an English translation.

The Dutch text:
Als de zwaluw ons verlaat,
En der bloemenschoon vergaat,
Als de zoelen zomerlucht,
Met den nachtegaal ontvlucht,
Vraagt het hart in diepe smart
Vraagt het hart in diepe smart:
"Zeg mij mij, duurt uw afzijn lang?"
Scheiden, O scheiden valt mij zo bang!
Scheiden , o scheiden, o scheiden valt bang!

Als de zon naar 't zuiden zinkt,
en haar laatste glans verblinkt,
Als de stormwind hpoogtij viert,
Huilend om de huizen giert,
Vraagt het hart in bange smart,
Vraagt het hart in bange smart:
Zeg mij: duurt uw afzijn lang?
Scheiden, o, scheiden, valt mij zo bang!
Scheiden , o, scheiden, o, scheiden valt bang!

Droevig hart, o staak uw klacht!
U ook wordt eens rust gebracht.
"Zal mij weer de toekomst bien,
Wat zal ik hier sterven zien?
Vraagt het hart in bange smart
Vraagt het hart in bange smart.
Hoop op weerzien geeft mij moed,
Hopen, ja hopen, hopen doet goed.
Hopen, ja hopen, ja hopen doet goed.

From Kun je nog zingen, zing dan mee No. 42
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