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Ted Lundy

Hello everyone. I have just been given an original Makerbot Replicator. After disassembling the print heads to clean out major clogging in the nozzles and feed tubes, I hooked everything back up and now my left head barely heats, and the right one shoots up to 300 and forces an alarm for shutdown. Any ideal what I've done wrong?

Hey does anyone have contact info for who is in charge of the make space at this years SXSW?

Actually looking to get started in SW and get my licence. Would really like to find an Elmer in the Austin, TX area. I'm in Pflugerville...

looking for resources in understanding vacuum tube generated RF systems. Can anyone help?

So I have come by some old cell phones and pagers. the pagers kinda work, but don't have a carrier. The Cell phones I have no ideal about. What can be harvested or hacked on these? any ideals/ My family just grabbed our first Arduino kit and I figure I should be able to do something / get something out of them instead of just sending them to the land fill or recycling... Any help?
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