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Kenneth Parker
Financial webmaster, Content Writer & Trainer.
Financial webmaster, Content Writer & Trainer.

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Are Your Bad Habits Costing You Money?
Everyone picks up a bad habit now and then—it’s completely normal. Using a bit of extra money on entertainment or food that is a little out of your budget is fine as long as you don’t overdo it. Sadly, very few people know the meaning of “enough is enough” ...

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Stretch The Budget: House Bargain Tips
When you have finally crunched the finances, factored in your moving costs , and got your final figure that you can afford to spend on a new property, the hunt begins.  This can be a pretty dispiriting time, especially as you find yourself constantly faced ...

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The Ugly Truth About Property Investment
Any expensive purchase needs careful consideration of the risks, benefits, and effect it will have on your life. Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you may ever make in your life. Regardless of whether you are buying it as your forever home, or a...

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Major Life Decisions: Know When To Invest And When To Avoid
Navigating your way through life is challenging enough, so making major financial decisions will feel daunting. However, if you use your money wisely and make sure that you’re as well-informed as possible when it comes to where to invest it; the rewards can...

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Mistakes Making A Mountain Of Your Moving Costs
You’ve got the new home, you’ve got the down payment or deposit gone, you’ve finished with conveyancing and agents and all of that lengthy process. Now moving day is coming up and you may feel that your budget is quite tight. You can’t afford an expensive p...

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How Keeping A Close Eye On Your Finances Can Help Them Flourish
Personal finance can be a minefield to most people. Having money is great, but it can be so hard to keep track of and even control. So, more often than not, you find yourself not doing anything - which can be the most dangerous option. When you let your fin...

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Houses vs Apartments: What Determines Their Comparative Values?
You might be looking for a buy to rent property , or you may just be looking for a new place to call home. You’ve probably already decided if you want an apartment or a house! But if you’re still in the earlier stages of such a decision, then you may still ...

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Setting Up The Logistics In Your Business And Successfully Selling Your Products
If you’re in the business of selling products to industry and public customers; it’s vital that you ensure you’re able to send the right stock to the right places and in an efficient manner. Therefore your logistics and processes are a key component in your...

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Don't Let Debt Defeat Your Family
Debt is the last thing anyone really needs - but it’s certainly a much more sensitive problem when a family is in debt. Finances are becoming a more common worry among American families than ever, with debt being particularly (and worryingly) common among t...

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Find Out Whether You're Secure In the Rental Market
With property prices so high it can be, it can be difficult to enter the property market. This leaves many renters in a predicament of insecurity when it comes to their long term home. The current generation of millennials are labelled as many as ‘generatio...
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