I received word this morning that Susan Angell has passed on after a valiant fight against lung cancer. Most of us know Susan as Rusty, the co-administrator of Brainformation. Rusty, along with MarkHimself, are the two people responsible for our forums' existence. Without either of them I never would have been motivated to take on this adventure. All three of us brought this site to the peak of it's heyday. Mark was very young at the time and departed from an active role here to pursue an education and career. Sue was a tremendous help both behind the scenes and in administering our discussion forums. Her ability to arbitrate difficult situations that plague all social networks was excellent. Sue knew exactly what to do and did not mince her words.

As Brainformation evolved to this thirteenth year of it's existence, Sue's role diminished as co-administrator and developed into a more personal friendship. As our active members reduced in numbers, Sue became less visible in our forums. But, she was here every day corresponding with me via our private messaging system. It transcended beyond a virtual long distance friendship. I learned a great deal from Sue regarding the (conservative) British lifestyle, English culture, and its history. We discussed many issues ranging from current events down to routine trips to Park Parade where Sue often battled the elements with her brolly in one hand and her trolley close behind in the other. Those typical gale force winds on the southeast coast were no match for Sue's determination. At one point she described the traditional Sunday meal where a joint of beef was served. Sue sent me a recipe book on British cooking and I have indeed made that traditional meal for more than one Sunday Tea, not to mention Toads in The Hole and Cornish Pasties.

I am saddened by Sue's departure. We traveled together through an entire era on the Internet wherein Cerescape (Brainfuse) along with AIH set the standard for social interaction in cyberspace. Those bulletin boards, along with many others, disappeared when the likes of MySpace and Facebook established themselves. Brainformation remained operational all this time for various reasons; one of which was my desire to keep a communication channel open with a dear friend in Leigh Park. The many friends I have made here have nearly all departed. Those who have not migrated to the more popular social sites have passed on to the Great Beyond. I will miss you dearly, Rusty. But, your character, your intellect, and your influence upon my life lives on. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with me.

My deepest condolences and sympathies go to Sue's family, Lisa, Paul, Carl, and of course, Maz.
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