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Chat and General Discussions in a bulletin board style
Chat and General Discussions in a bulletin board style


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What's going on with Windows 10?  Is this really the end of Windows as we know it?  Well, yes and no.  Find out what our members have to say in this thread:

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The transition is complete.  neoBrainformation has achieved archive status and was officially locked down this first day of spring, 2015.  There may be some future administrative housekeeping chores performed on the forums, but for the most part the site is being preserved as it was on the morning of 20 March, 2015.

Members who were registered on the archiving date will still be able to log into the site, but will not be able to make changes to the main forum.  Access to private messages remains in force so that everyone in the far corners of the earth will have time enough to get this message and clean up their INBOX.  In the not too distant future access to private messages will also be prohibited. 

The discussions and chats we have enjoyed over the past eleven years are documented on two websites.  It will remain that way unless I can find somebody capable enough to merge the two databases. Thus two archives covering different time spans are available: , and
Anyone interested in continuing on the discussions and chats can easily do so at the new site, dubbed Brainformation Chat, or BFC.  You must register there to participate:

New beginning are always exciting.  It has not gone unnoticed that this phase in our evolution has begun at the time of the spring equinox with a super moon (an apogee-syzygy) in force during a total eclipse of the sun.  This will certainly give serious astrologers food for deep thought.  For us it is a new beginning and an opportunity to shape a world class destiny.

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This is just a reminder that our present website, neoBrainformation (nBF), will be closed to new member registration and existing member posting on or about the first day of spring, 2015. We are not disappearing, however. Our new home is already in place and waiting for you to join in at Keep in mind that BFC may look like the old forums but it is totally new. Thus none of the existing nBF accounts can be found there. Registration is required to participate and continue the fun.

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We are in the early stages of migrating to a new and improved web site.  The bulletin board format has been maintained, but phpbb is now offering many interesting new features both for users and administrators.  One such feature is the ability to easily plug in new modules that can potentially add things we never saw before.  It's a bit like adding apps to your smart mobile device.  Most of you will simply see the old familiar things in new places.  Notifications have now been added so that you can receive mail when a topic of interest sees activity. 

The name of the new board is BFC, BrainFormation Chat.  OK, so I'm not too original with names but it made setting up things a lot easier.  I used some of the old experimental web site structure to build upon.  It is my hope that neoBrainformation can be archived in the not too distant future and that BFC will take it's place.Thus, registration will be required to participate at BFC.  Come on over and help us test out the new software.  It will be a learning experience for all of us.

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Some changes to the Brainformation Forums have been lurking around as ideas in the back of my mind for a long time.  It seemed appropriate to implement them after our disastrous experiment with new software, and I did set up a few things.  One such change was a behind the scenes one wherein some of the meta data in our web pages was optimized.  It turns out that each style has to be altered individually in order to cover all possibilities, and the task of changing them all has proven too much for the time being.  This change will only be noted by search engines so that the quality of our day to day activities will not be affected.

A visible but more subtle change was to rename and relocate a few forums.  Our most popular discussion forum is now called Orphan Topics to better describe what can be found therein.  

Perhaps the most notable change is our home page, which most of our active members do not use.  It's main purpose is to be a portal and information about us for search engines.  A lot of time and effort went into the new design in spite of the fact that many of the elements from the previous version were recycled here. Our home page renders well with the sole exception of it in small screen mobile devices.  I have a version for those toys, but am still trying to come up with a way to determine how to serve the large desktop view or the more compact mobile view to the proper audience.  Everyone can see it now, but only the lappies and desktops can see it all on one screen.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to view our forums from your mobile device, we have a special style for that purpose.  Go to the User Control Panel and under Board Preferences select Artodia: mobile and SEO for your style.  Feedback on how that works for you would be greatly appreciated.

And, going forward I note that our software vendor has a premium version of the web site available.  It has some neat features such as live chat, and I'm anxious to see how that works.  If I do test it out, it will probably be at our bfChat site which for all intents and purposes is inactive these days.  The downside is people would have to register again to use it.  No biggie, but that has not worked in the past.

Brainformation Forums is pretty much back to normal ten days after the grand experiment with beta phpBB software.  As far as I can determine we were not configured properly to work with our server upgrades, but that got sorted out after restoration to our previous state.  Only a few days of posts were lost, which numerically isn't much.  Situation normal at the moment.

Our hosting service server software has been upgraded and is working well.  Unfortunately it broke the software for our web site.  There is a beta version that I am trying to install to see if that will get us back on line.  Stay tuned for any further developments.

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I have received word from our hosting service that the software on our server will be updated on May 16th. No action is required on the part of our members. And, your administrator hopes no action will be required on his part. However, if there is an interruption in service at the time of the upgrade, rest assured that we will be aware of it and taking measures to restore access as quickly as possible. 

As is always the case, updates on our status are available on Twitter and on our Facebook Fans page.


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The meaning of Christmas as seen by yours truly is documented here:  Come on by and tell us what you think the meaning of Christmas is.
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