Thank you for joining the Bloggers Network community.

Below are some simple guidelines to help keep the community at its best.

1. The aim of this community is what the name suggests, for bloggers to network with each other. This means taking the time to visit and read blog content that is posted by other members, plus taking the time to leave a comment and follow the blogs that interest you. By doing this, you'll grow your readership with people who'll return the favour and truly read your own work. If you just post your link on here and then go onto the next community, you're missing out on a great opportunity to grow a strong following.

2. To ensure everyone has a fair chance to get their blog ad viewed plus to keep the community constructive, please refrain from over-posting your blog ad... twice daily is sufficient. Please also refrain from posting ads such as "Follow Me and I'll Follow You" or "Follow Me on Twitter" etc as your main wall post… please use the "comments" section on your blog ad to do this. PLEASE NOTE: To avoid comment spam and because community members will automatically follow your blog if they find it of interest (genuine followers), excessive use of "Follow Me" posts or the excessive posting of blog links within the "comments" section are not permitted on the community.

3. I would also ask that you refrain from posting anything in the "Announcements" section unless it's important. I want to reserve this for myself and other Community Moderators to post important announcements and useful resources.

4. This community must NOT be used to generate sales/income by way of posting affiliate links, to build MLM/Network Marketing or Traffic downlines, to promote Work at Home opportunities or Paid Survey programs or any other form of non-blog related advertising.

5. As well as affiliated links to generate sales/income, your posts must NOT contain or have links to Adult, Drug, Spam, Illegal or Inflammatory content. Any posts found to contain or have links to such sites will be removed. You also risk being permanently excluded from the community.

6. Helping community members to achieve maximum exposure for their blogs is my main priority. However, I would ask that you do NOT use this community to advertise other Google+ communities (cross-promoting) without permission from myself. If I find your community beneficial to our members, I will gladly promote it but please don't take it upon yourself to advertise your community without first seeking permission to do so.

7. When posting on the community, please keep your comments clean and respect the opinions of other community members. Profanity and insults are not acceptable. Comments inciting political or religious beliefs are also not acceptable.

8. No shortened URL's are to be used on the community. Any posts found to be using a shortened URL will be removed. Links posted without any context (a short description explaining what the post is all about) will also be removed. When posting on the community, please include a short description so that members of the community get a glimpse of what your post is all about.

NOTE ABOUT USING HASHTAGS: Although hashtags are helpful in gaining new readers to your posts, overuse of them can make your posts look spammy. Therefore, I kindly ask that you refrain from using too many hashtags when posting on the community.

9. With this being an English speaking community, I request that blogs in other languages include a translator tool so that members may translate your posts to English. I also request that when posting or commenting on the community, that this is in English.

10. With this possibly being a busy community, you may want to turn off the email notifications for this community to avoid your Inbox being flooded with emails from Google. To do this, click on the "Bell" button on the left-side of the community page to turn off the notifications.

That's it! :)

In addition to posting on the community, don't forget to also post your blog links on the Bloggers Network group and support page and on the Bloggers Network Google+ page. You can find the group and pages at:

I've also created a Blog Directory page on my blog where you can list your blog. Full details can be found at:

If you find the community helpful, please consider putting the Bloggers Network logo on your blog. Information on how to do this can be found at:

Finally and because your blog is very important to you, don't forget to regularly backup your blog. Full details on how to do this can be found at:

Thank you once again for joining the Bloggers Network community and I hope your experience on the community will be an enjoyable one. I wish you every success with your blog.

Happy networking!

Derek Jones
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