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Two weeks ago I said that the $3 billion question for native advertising was "will it work?" and concluded that existing answers had been too simplistic. I said I'd offer a more nuanced, multifaceted analysis. Here's that....
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Great analysis.

As with so many things, "It depends" is the right answer. But you've identified the key things native advertising's success depends ON.

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Ryan Skinner

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Ryan Skinner

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Native advertising's $3 billion question
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Ryan Skinner

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Measurement is meaning. (Or, flinging our efforts at work against reality)
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Will native advertising become a tragedy of the commons (where each advertiser rationally follows his best interest, thus spoiling a shared good: reader trust)? My 2 cents:
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Ryan Skinner

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You've got one week left to enter the Forrester Groundswell Awards! Read our tips on how to win: 
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Ryan Skinner

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The lengths that copywriters, journalists and bloggers will go to for clicks has gone from mildly absurd to nausea-inducing. I am developing a skill I call "Clickdar" - a radar for click-hunting posts. As in: "When I saw that headline full of demonstrative pronouns in my twitter feed, my clickdar went crazy; not only did I not click, I unfollowed that person."

Things that make my clickdar ping:
- Demonstrative pronoun headlines ("This thing will make you think that, unless you've got some of those")
- Most blog posts from marketing technology vendors (let's be honest here: 99%)
- Any headline referring to a recent event, unless I can clearly see it was written by someone whose opinion I actually value
- Gushing emotional plays from strangers ("(You don't know me but) here's my deepest darkest secret/shame/joy/etc.")
- Any headline featuring animals or foods (and particularly animal foods like bacon)
- Any headline about the weather (I go to the weather for that. Duh.)
- Any headline with a superlative in it (biggest, most important, darkest, weirdest, etc.)
- Any headline featuring a rhetorical question
- Any headline that tells me I need to read this, or won't believe it (or both)

I would like to turn this clickdar into an algorithm that filters all of my social channels, which would - by my count - cut the number of updates I need to see from 60 million a second to approximately 7 per day. Manageable.
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Ryan Skinner

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Stephen Bateman poses one content-based question. Answer?
Why do brands need great content? Please add your line to this list and pass on to your circles. 

1. Its fundamental now that the buyer controls the buying process
2. It helps develop awareness, build trust, convince & convert 
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