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RE: Google+ for Business

We’re pleased to inform you that Google+ is now available for use in your Google Apps account! I'm sure you'll agree that Google+ is a social media tool that you can use to better communicate and collaborate with your coworkers.

You'll need to join Google+ and create your Google+ Profile. But first, here are a few things to keep in mind...

Make sure you use the name you’re commonly known by. Because you're signing up for Google+ with your corporate email address, your Google Apps administrator retains the right to access your Google+ data and modify or delete it at any time.

Here are some key feature highlights of using Google+ with your Google Apps for Business account.

Your Google+ Profile:

Create a profile with information about yourself. For example, you can add information about your projects or expertise and share it only with other employees.

You can choose which information is visible to others inside or outside our organization. The only exception is your name, which is always publicly visible.


Share information with specific people by organizing your coworkers and other contacts into circles. For example, create circles for different teams, projects, or special-interest groups.

Also, when posting content, you can quickly share it with everyone in our organization, even if you haven't added all of them to a circle, by choosing from the list of sharing options.


You receive posts from others in your stream. This is where you can find and engage with content that’s shared with you.


Connect and communicate with your coworkers in multi-way video rooms called hangouts. You can also preview Hangouts with extras, which provides screen sharing and integrates with Google Docs for collaborative editing. When you start or join your first hangout, you’ll be prompted to install the Google Voice and Video Chat plug-in for your web browser. You’ll also need to connect a webcam and use a computer microphone (preferably a headset).

Picasa Web Albums:

Because Google+ uses Picasa Web Albums for photo sharing, we’ve also turned on this service for your Google Apps account. When you share photos, they’re stored in Picasa Web Albums, which you can access at

Mobile access:

You can use Google+ on mobile devices, using either a native app or a mobile web browser.

Sharing information outside The Telemarketing Co:

With Google+, you can share information that’s visible to others outside your organization. When sharing outside the company, please follow these important guidelines:

* Make sure you don’t share internal or confidential information on your Google+ Profile, such as products in development or project status.

* Don’t post internal or confidential information to anyone outside our company or with any circles you create that include people outside.

* Consider creating separate circles for people inside and outside our company.

If you need additional assistance, please contact me.

Thanks for using Google Apps for Business and don't forget to join Google+ at your earliest convenience at

Richard Howell

President, The Telemarketing Co.
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