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Ruben Lipszyc
Baseball is Life... everything else is details
Baseball is Life... everything else is details

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How 'bout them predictions?
I'm going to sound foolish when someone reads this in 6 months Before the Red Sox had played more than handful of Spring Training games, I came up with a list of 10 bold predictions for them this year.  Let's see how they look shortly after the midway point...

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10 Bold Red Sox Predictions
I said BOLD Kevin, not BALD.... Instead of the usual boring forecasts that I've seen projecting a Chris Sale Cy Young, Mookie MVP, and a Benintendi Rookie of the Year on the way to the Red Sox winning the division,  I have come up with a list of ten unexpec...

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Virtual Red Sox in OOTP at the All-Star Break
It’s the All-Star break.   Not only in the MLB, but also in my OOTP season.  I’ve been simulating managing the Red Sox for the 2017 season.   As mentioned in an earlier posting , just like in real life, the tough Boston media is skeptical  of a new manager,...

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I'm sorry, Mr. Thornburg
It's my fault.  Every year I answer a list of preseason questions about the Red Sox.   This year I was asked if there was an unheralded player that people should keep an eye on this season.  I answered that Tyler Thornburg was going to be a lights out set u...

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Alberta Pro Ballplayers
I often talk about our local ballplayers on twitter, but it’s been a while since I gave a more lengthy update on what’s been happening with these players.  Here's a quick recap on all the Alberta products playing pro ball.  (I think - if I missed someone, P...

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Where is the home field advantage in baseball?
In most major sports, teams usually have a measurable (i.e., statistically significant when other issues are factored in) home field advantage.  That is, they win more games at home than on the road, when playing the same teams or teams of equal caliber.  T...

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Roster Moves and Depth Chart
Noe Ramirez and Marco Hernandez better get used to this There have been a flurry of roster moves the last few
days.  The Red Sox played Wednesday’s
night game shorthanded.  Robbie Ross and
Mookie Betts were battling flu-like symptoms, and Brock Holt’s condi...

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Opening Day!!!!
It's Opening Day. I know yesterday was the official MLB Opening Day, but today is the first Red Sox game of the season so now it really counts! By the way, if you don't capitalize "Opening Day", we can't be friends.  It should be a national (both in the US ...

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2017 Season Predictions
Yes, this is a selfie, in case you wondered  what "Baseball Ruben" looked like Time for my sort - of - annual predictions post. A quick pre-emptive note: 
I realize how bad some of these will look at the end of the year. I’m
sure I have some last place team...

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Out of the Park Baseball 18, Now available worldwide
BUY THIS GAME! As mentioned previously ,
OOTP18 has now been released. (Get your copy here ).  I have started
playing the 2017 season, as manager of the Red Sox, and incredibly this game
seems better than the previous versions. 
(I am astounded every year o...
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