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Marie Hall
I'm kinda a big deal...
I'm kinda a big deal...

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A Pirate's Dream
Nimue, daughter of Hook, is desperate to prove to her parents that she's just as brave and as much of a pirate as they are. So when she serendipitously spies the hidden isle, she knows what she must do. A fearsome creature, known as the Sea Hag, is reputed ...

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UPDATE on Marie
For the past few months I've received hundreds of very concerned emails from readers expressing not only their sympathy at the loss of my pen name, but also their sadness that I was no longer writing. I've heard from cancer patients who say immersing themse...

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The end of Marie Hall
Almost feels like the end of an era. Though it didn't last long, it sure was fun. Sadly, I have to kill off my pen name guys. My reasons are personal and extremely private and I would just ask that you all understand that this is extremely difficult for me....

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Sigh... I hate to do this, but after much thought and consideration, I'm going to have to push the publication date back for this book. Last month I had a family member get diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say, it's thrown my writing schedule completely o...

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You can find it online wherever ebooks are sold for 3.99! Which is a real steal as this is the longest Kingdom book I've written to date! Nixie is a genie with a problem. She's just killed her Master. Kind of a big no-no for her kind, but really, what did t...

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Rockers After Dark
I'm part of a brand new collection, Rockers After Dark! There are some really amazing writers in this set with me, LH Cosway, Deanna Chase, Cassia Leo, and Crista McHugh. This set is all about tatted up, sexy rockers and the women that love them. My offerin...

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The Wright Brother, now LIVE!
It's finally here! My latest contemporary romance, and I gotta say, for any of you who loved Ryan/Alex/or Tor from my Moments Series, I think Julian Wright might just be my favorite hero yet. He's amazing! Not only is he smokin' hot, cause yeah...he totally...

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The Wright Brother!
Remember that snippet I posted a few weeks ago? About Julian Wright, deaf and colorblind, and about Elisa Adrian, the woman he loves desperately who brings a fair bit of issues to the table? Well, that book is almost here! It's actually already available up...

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Boy do I have a treat for you guys!
I'm part of a storybundle group for Dark Urban Fantasy. I don't know if you guys know anything about storybundle but the gist of it you pay a minimum of 3 bucks, up to whatever you want for a set of 5, possibly even 9 books (I'll paste a better explanation ...

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Howler's Night is now LIVE
Everywhere. :D The Priest was back. Her home was safe. And Pandora had even managed to secure a powerful ally in the Zombie Queen. But in one fell swoop none of it mattered. She’s been abducted by a secret organization known only as the Triad, and they’re c...
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