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geoffrey holsclaw
missional co-pastor and doctoral student at marquette.
missional co-pastor and doctoral student at marquette.

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Internet Help: What is the best youth devotional/spiritual formation for teens?

Jesus died so that he-who-is-life could be swallowed by death. Jesus' resurrection shows the bitter pill has worked its remedy of life.

Pro Missional Tip: Salvation is not a bridge God made which we then cross. God crosses over to us, pursuing us in love. Let us do likewise.

The Kingdom of God is a threat to every other kingdom, country, ideology, or –ism. God's arrival is a threat to all so-called rivals.

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Northern Seminary | “Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?”

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It's going to be okay. - The Oatmeal

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10 Reasons to know if seminary hold you back or propel you forward?

Immigration services worker just told me she's advising immigrant youth NOT TO REGISTER for DACA b/c not sure how Trump will act. Thought?

Is describing Prophetic as "speaking truth to power" another attempt to gain power (indirectly)? What about "speaking hope to hopeless"?

Seems conservative Christians are so concerned with naming good & evil in the world they forgot how to live the good (in the way of Jesus).
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