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geoffrey holsclaw
missional co-pastor and doctoral student at marquette.
missional co-pastor and doctoral student at marquette.

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"God runs the world for the sake of the church; God calls the church for the sake of the world." ~ Christopher Wright (Ezekiel Commentary).

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We are all our own brain-eating zombies! The Brain Literally Starts Eating Itself When It Doesn't Get Enough Sleep

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"My Family’s Slave." Wow, an amazing story.

Thoughts about shame: Are entering into a shame culture (group rejection) but without an attending sense of honor (group reputation)?

Help me with a book: For you, what does "glory" mean when applied to God? What is God's glory? What attribute does it attach to/represent?

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Sold Out? Nah. 2 public lectures by Stanley Hauerwas on June8/9 still open. Talking about Truth, Mission & Witness

Glory and Reputation: Why have the ideas God's glory and God's reputation often been seen as synonymous? Have you seen that also?

Image of God question: Anyone know where the idea came from that the image of God primarily means to "reflect" God in the world?

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At least 23 killed in gun attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt

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Northern Seminary | 5 Challenges Facing the Church
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