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BP Morton
Trans housewife that reads too many webcomics
Trans housewife that reads too many webcomics

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Thought Experiments
My friend Helen de Cruz, decided to illustrate a whole bunch of classic philosophy thought experiments.  All are her original art work and summary, but not her original ideas.  Unfortunately I can't open Facebook at the high school where I teach, so in orde...

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December To Do List
Our nation has elected a vainglorious bastard who is willing to use racism, nationalism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and more in his effort to gain power.  His victory has emboldened the forces of hate within our nation, to be more aggressive in their strategi...

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Lavender Graduation Keynote Speech, Dec 2, Indiana State University
By Dr. Bree Morton [Here is a link to the event ,  here is a link to the basic idea of Lavendar graduations.  If I find pics of the event (lots were taken) I'll try to post those] First, let me say,
genuinely, that I am immensely proud of all of you graduat...

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9.999... Reasons to be Skeptical about .999... equaling 1
So YouTube has a
really great video entitled “9.999... reasons that .999...=1” by
Vihart. It's clear, and cute, and far better than my plodding reply. ( here )  But hey, I want to disagree with it in a friendly way, anyway. It's
often the good stuff that ...

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Palak Paneer
Ingredients Palak/Spinach - 1 large bunch fresh (not baby spinach), or 1 bag thawed frozen chopped spinach Paneer - I make it myself (instructions below), or 8-16oz of frozen cubes.  Also called queso fresca.                  1 gallon of milk, preferrably r...

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Khlodnik (A cold summer soup in the Slavic style)
Ingredients 1/2 lb or hard greens (fresh beet greens are traditional, but I'll bet chard or collards, etc would work too) 3 cups  Chicken stock, chicken broth, or veggie stock 1.5 cups of Black Bread Kvass (or ginger ale, or Zima) 1/2 cup of sour cream 2 Tb...

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Philosophical Percolations
So our new blog Philosophical Percolations  is now up and live, at I am one of 17 philosophers who has pledged to post almost every week there.  Our goals are to blog "All the philosophy that's not fit to print" and to "keep philos...

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My new blog Philosophical Percolations (at is up and live now.  It's a collaboration between myself and 14ish other philosophers aimed at blogging "all the philosophy that's not fit to print" and to "keep philosophy weird."  IWe'll have 1-2 new posts up every day, and I'll contribute every week or so.  My first post is about a fake Rumi quote ...

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Is Bruce Jenner a Lesbian, and Am I?
So I haven't seen the Bruce Jenner interview yet, but trans folks are certainly talking plenty about it.
Some opinionated overview, in case you haven't been following the case. Yes Jenner is trans and has been transitioning for about the last year and
a h...

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Eggs Beltaine
Eggs Beltaine is a seasonal dish for late April/early May, more on that in a bit 1 lb of asparagus, woody ends trimmed off, and the rest cut into 1 inch chunks, (note 1 lb of asparagus is a lot ...) 4-6 Tbsps of butter (if you wanna get the good stuff it wi...
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