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Are You Lost?
Are you lost, my dear? You're going the wrong way. SKIRT  c/o CNDirect || JACKET  Styles For Less + DIY || TOP  Tobi || HEELS  Off 5th Avenue Turn around. It's the wrong way. You're getting sucked into the blues, sucked into the darkness. Don't dwell in thi...

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My love and hate relationship with something almost so integral with everyday life. Let's talk about social media for a bit, shall we? I've been thinking what I should write up for this post for the last couple of days, and you know what sparked up this top...

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What have you done today to get you closer to your happy ending? Two people may be so similar in personality and appearance, but what separates them entirely is their goal. What is it that they want to pursue? To be able to own his own company and create vi...

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5 months, 2 tattoos, and 1 princess moment later... DRESS   fashionnova HEELS   tobi NECKLACE   tobi Looking back at the months that have passed, I don't truly believe that it's been this long since I've last posted on here. It seems like it was yesterday t...

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Gaudy Grooves
In downtown Palo Alto with my trusty Blue Bottle coffee in my hand. TOP  c/o Shein SHOES  c/o 4th & Reckless EARRINGS NA-KD JEANS  Aeropostale This is the most vibrant and loud top in my closet, but I'm so drawn to it. The regal colors, the off the shoulder...

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Summery Autumn
That awkward moment when it's autumn, but it feels like the middle of summer. COAT c/o Make Me Chic HEELS  c/o 4th & Reckless DRESS  Forever 21 I have all my autumn pieces hanging on my open clothes rack in my room ready to wear. But every time I wake up, t...

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Unicorn Tears & Sammydress
If drinking unicorn blood gives you a half life, what does drinking unicorn tears give you? JACKET  c/o Sammydress DRESS  c/o Sammydress BAG  c/o Sammydress B finally was able to move his lights and backdrops from the living room into the garage. So we deci...

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Zaful-filling my desires for cute affordable clothing. ROMPER c/o Zaful BAG  c/o Zaful ZAFUL facebook | instagram I've been wearing Zaful for a while now, and my closet has new favorites every time a Zaful package is delivered. In this post, I'm wearing flo...

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Prynt Presents: Postcards
The futuristic Polaroid is now sending postcards! I'm the type of person who, if something interesting happens, will take a couple of pictures of something and then never look at it again until I have to clear out my photos in my phone's camera roll. I like...

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Featuring the modern day Cinderella shoe. JACKET  c/o Shein BOOTIES  c/o 4th & Reckless TOP  Charlotte Russe PANTS  H&M Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend! B and I went with about 50 of my family members to Soda Springs/Tahoe area to relax by the l...
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