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<a class="ot-hashtag" href="">#hangoutsonair</a>Gonçalo Lopes and Joao Frazao

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<a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Guilherme Martins

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andre almeida was in a video call with 4 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Filipe Cruz, Pedro Leonardo, Guilherme Martins, and Ricardo Mota

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I Loved this experiment!!!!
This time we have done something different, we teamed up with “Dona Estefânia” hospital and “Pavilhão do Conhecimento” museum, to let kids who were on the hospital to visit and explore the museum with magabots.

We used Google Chat on +Gmail not only to trasmit the video and sound between the computers but also to send the control messages.

The experiment was amazing! While they were kind of reluctant and confused at first, once they started exploring the remote museum their faces were filled with wonder and joy. All of them, without exception, had a lot of fun and we could see how much more relieved they were than before they tried it.

On the other hand, the kids that were on the museum appeared to be intrigued by the robots at first, but when saw that there was a kid on the other side, they flocked around it, and started to talk to them.

Watch the video ;)

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I'll be there.
Hi Everyone!

As some of you may know we have tested telepresence with the community a few times before. Altough it was pretty awesome, we want to take another step and make it even more fun.
So, this is what we will do:
This Monday, 19th March, we will create a circuit and have two Magabots to race each other there. They will be both on a hangout and we challenge all of you to join us and control them! We hope to make a little championship and see who is the best driver.
All you have to do is to join the hangout and, if you want to race, add one of the robots' e-mail to your google chat and control it from there, like on the video bellow.

Discover when it will start on your timezone here:

See you there!!

PS: If you have any questions or suggestions to other games please let us know!

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2011 was a great year!!!

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Artica & IDMind Magabot ;)
It's not every day that you can use Chat to do something as out of the ordinary as controlling a robot---or is it? Let me introduce you to +Magabot! Using #GoogleChat, anyone can control the Magabot with simple commands to speed up, slow down, turn left, turn right, etc. And even cooler than that, when you Video Chat with Magabot, you can see where you're headed, as the laptop sitting on Magabot will show you what it sees. Check out the video below which introduces you to Magabot in all its glory!

While I in a Hangout a few weeks back, the team behind Magabot let me take control, which was done simply by inviting it to Chat with me. Magabot introduced itself, gave me the commands, and I was able to get it moving within seconds.

Now I'm really inspired about creative things we could do with Google Chat -- what about you, any ideas?

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I Love this project :)
SapoBot is a robot that wonders through spaces avoiding obstacles detects holes on the ground, follow walls and follow lines, to change between behaviors you only need to press the shell, and when he detects a collision gives a frog sound. This project was comissioned by Sapo, means frog in portuguese.

#arduino #robot #SAPO
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