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Whew... it's been a min since I've written, felt great!
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Your welcome! Thank you for adding me to your circle of friends. It is a pleasure and honor to meet your acquaintance.
This was a great post/read, and I'm glad you had/found a 'min' to write.

While I'm developing my first JavaServerFaces (JSF) application (always wanted to do Java and now I'm completely loving the experience) for my family business (, I am finding myself wanting to help others in (across the world) even more than write/do Java. Since I started developing a JSF web app back in August 2011 (after reading the Java EE 6 tutorial during the summer...had my own summer, I love using my experience to help others, whether it is just providing them a or stackoverflow hyperlink, or a lengthy discussion with the goal to see them, myself, or someone develop a workaround/solution/fix for their issue (or forum topic).

Honestly, I have had thoughts of entrepreneurship, especially after I complete this web application that I'm developing, hoping to sell/market it to other related businesses throughout the country, etc.., and may continue developing products, God-willing. My family has plenty of work for me, including smartphone app(s) to develop or, initially, I want their smartphones to interface with the JSF web app that I'm developing.

Even when I started my career as software engineer back in 1995, I told peers that I'm not interested in management, I just love developing/maintaining software, debugging software, documentation (when it's required by client or management...etc). Saying that, I've been a contractor throughout my entire career, got laid off twice from Bank of America after contributing greatly to 2 major software projects between 2007 and 2011, and now, my current project (migrating legacy software I wrote back in 1994/1995 to Java Server Faces web application) seems to be bringing me to entrepreneurship, God-willing, but for now, I'm taking it one day at a time, working on this software by myself and helping others on primefaces forum. It's interesting that CNN Black in America kept showing up on CNN (since I keep TV tuned there, almost 24/7), and now, writing you. FYI, entrepreneurship is something that I'm being patient about, and feel as though I will get there, God-willing.

Angela, I think you are very beautiful woman and you are doing great things with all you are doing in your personal life (your family/children) and for all those that you are working with, and helping to make founders, entrepreneurs, etc.... Keep up the great work.

Howard W. Smith, Jr.
Great article. Glad you had time to write. I trust it was therapeutic! Look forward to growing with you and the NewMe Community!
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