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Go NewME Founders!
A few NewME 13' founders chat with +Robert Scoble about their startups, life in Silicon Valley, and a little bit of everything else. Check it out!

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A sneak peek at one of the talks this past cycle:  Marvin Chow, Global Marketing Director, Google+

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Yay Go NewME Founders!
After 12 weeks of intensive work, the spring 2012 class of NewME Founders has launched seven new tech start-ups. NewME, a program designed to be an accelerator in Silicon Valley for minority-led startups, is part of the Accelerate with Google initiative. Learn more on the Official Google Blog:

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ok incase you havent seen it on my FB page or on Twitter yet, lol:

Just launched this partnership w/ Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati for Founders :)

It's a series of lectures that provide "soup-to-nuts" Startup 101 courses. From business formation to fundraising to exits, brought to you by one of Silicon Valley's leading legal firms.

Request acces & join NewME to start taking classes. Check it out here:

I actually like the new google+ UI

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NewME ATL meetup tonight.... Looks like it rocked!!
NewMe Atlanta's 2nd Official Meetup |

Entrepreneurs spent the evening with +Tennell Lockett Founding Partner at Townsend & Lockett LLC discussing the in and outs, of IP (Intellectual Property) Law

Tennell not only covered the basics but also delved into the nuances of IP Law and in some instances specific IP case law. It was hard to walk away without a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of IP Law and how it relates to protecting one of our most valuable assets; our ideas.

Some instances of IP Law discussed where Copyrights, Trade Marks and Trade Secrets, Patents, Provisional Patents, Patent Trolling, and NDA's

Special Thanks to OMG Cup & Cakes for providing the space, to +Lamar Tyler +Jaheed G and +Shauna Stuart for making this #NewMeATL event possible, and to +Tennell Lockett for sharing his legal expertise, experience, and professional insights with Entrepreneurs with dreams of changing the world. Ding! :-)
March 16, 2012 (41 photos)
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Founders broadcasting live in 2 mins...

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This is awesome. I'm glad you had a great time Randy... More to come :)
Ok, I had a pretty Epic day yesterday; really it was two days ago now, but its only an hour and a half past yesterday (at the time of this writing), and yesterday sounds better than two days ago.

SO... I had a pretty Epic day yesterday. I got the opportunity to hang out with a pretty special group of people. I was fortunate enough to meet a guy who is both doing and has done some pretty amazing things in the technology space, Dr. Andrew Williams.

He's the Science Chair at Spelman College and the Director / Founder of the SpelBots; the first African American Competitive Female Robotics Team. He also had the opportunity to work closely with Steve Jobs of Apple before he passed. (more on that, the SpelBots, and Dr. Williams in the weeks ahead; I'll be interviewing them, so stay tuned for the link.)

I closed the day hanging with NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) the SpelBots and fellow NewMe Community Entrepreneurs, Technologists, and Engineers at +Google in celebration of Black History Month.

It was an incredible day of food, conversation, good beer, and networking with a lot of very smart, talented, and innovative people. I've attached a few pictures I took throughout the day and later on into the evening to remember the time. I've shared them here for all to see.

Hope you enjoy!

PS: Special thanks to +Google +NewME Accelerator +Angela Benton +Wayne Sutton +Emily Bedont and +Jaclyn DeCicco for making this get together possible.

A Day w/ Google | NSBE | NewMe | & the SpelBots (50 photos)
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Day 1 down!!
Originally shared by ****
NewME Accelerator 2012 Day 1 #newme12 (50 photos)
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Whew... it's been a min since I've written, felt great!
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