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CENTPAGE - Your all-in-one customizable homepage.
Your all-in-one customizable homepage or internet startpage
Your all-in-one customizable homepage or internet startpage

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Hi Everyone !! GOOD NEWS !!
CENTPAGE.COM has been launched in a brand new design !! And it's going to help everyone on the Internet. 

CENTPAGE is an all-in-one customizable homepage which features the best and the most popular websites on the internet, and you can search across all popular search engines, easily. And the best part is that you can customize the links to your preference and you can even add your custom links. It's optimized for fast loading, security and a brand new design which scales to most browser resolutions. It's a huge venture out for me and i'm gonna promote it in all countries. I'll like everyone of you to kindly give your feedback if anything needs to be improved and make it as your internet startpage/homepage. And please report if you find any bugs. Thanks. Link :-

Brand new CENTPAGE will be launched soon in a few days. Stay tuned for updates...  :-)

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Dated : 28.03.2013
Changelog #3 :: ::
Website Favicon added. Website loading time improved significantly by using gzip compression and other page optimization techniques. Sitemap updated. Various in-page and external SEO being done.

Changelog #2 :: ::
Links made to open in new tab as per some users suggested. Some security loopholes fixed. Feedback error fixed and some design changes included. Suggest changes, leave a feedback or report a bug if you find one.

Dated: 24.03.2013
Changelog #1 :: ::
Resolution problem fixed. Now website can be viewed in most desktop screen resolutions for any type of monitor (4:3, 16:9 etc. )
Wordpress Blog for centpage installed at
Some security tweaks added and some design changes included.
Suggest changes, leave a feedback/comment or report a bug if you find one. Bye.

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Dated : 24.04.2013
Chrome Extension for
-- Your all-in-one customizable homepage.

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Dated : 16.02.2013

Hello Everyone :

A good news that i have always wanted to share with everyone for some time now. Today i have launched our mega website - is your all-in-one internet homepage where you get all the websites you visit in just a single page and the best thing is that you get a "unified search" where you can search Google,yahoo or bing across different categories all from a single page. Once you signup you can modify the websites/icons upon your preference.

Now as it is in "beta" phase of development (as i prefer to call it ;-) ) there would be future updates for bug fixes, new features etc. And it is optimized for widescreen displays preferably with a resolution of 1366*768 (4:3 is broken for now). 

Now, I would greatly appreciate if you kindly register and test for bugs or give your valuable feedback or advises regarding anything that might make it better. All suggestions are welcome. And i would also like hackers to try breaking the security if i may have missed something. Lemme know if you like it. Thanks.
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