The REAL COLOMBIA SCANDAL: When Bedding Prostitutes Is Worse Than Crimes Against Humanity
by Finian Cunningham

Get caught with a hooker in your hotel room and it’s a firing offence; get caught desecrating the corpses of dead Afghans and – nothing.
Two scandals emerging this week involving immoral conduct of US Secret Service and military personnel reveal starkly different reactions and priorities among the American ruling elite.
Revelations from Colombia that up to 21 Secret Service agents and military officers, including five Special Forces, were entertaining prostitutes in their hotel rooms overnight while supposedly on security duty ahead of US President Obama’s arrival for the Americas Summit last week, have resulted in swift retribution from superiors.
As news of the scandal broke, all 21 American individuals were immediately recalled to US headquarters and had their security clearances cancelled. So far, three secret service agents are out of their jobs. One was fired, the other two are said to have “retired”.
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