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Jesus Christ.
This guy's letter is like a zillion levels of wrong. And then the way her parents handled it shows that even people who are feminist still have culturally-instilled blocks that they need to work on.

But her response? All awesome. All the way.

Does anyone play modified Pathfinder - like E6 (limited levels) or unusual base classes (witch or oracle, no cleric or mage)? 

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Is A Farewell To Fear powered by *World? The sample characters given suggest it is a derivative, but does anyone actually know?

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I was just reading your White Picket Witches post at and I was thinking about antagonists (but I didn't want to register).

So you're thinking ol' Scratch, but any chance you could provide other options?

I'm thinking things you missed by delineating solid, very Christian evils. I'm thinking things like Supernatural's early episodes, before there was An Explanation To The Cosmos. Things like:
* there's evil, there's good, and it's mostly how people wield magic
* creepy things are not demons from Hell(tm), they are hex-work by dark witches - curses, vengeful effects from bad deaths, and the like, and people might not even know they are throwing it.
* higher-end enemies might be consolidated evil, or people who went bad and lost their humanity, but who knows where they come from? The job of a witch is to handle bad things when they come
* mundane evils: think Dogs in the Vinyard (very loosely) - small town jealousy, hate and badness. Mortal bad reaction to witchery. That kind of thing.

I just love the whole idea of the game, but the Affable Devil is definitely only part of the story sets that English-language witch stories get up to, and I'd love it if you wrote various kinds of "theologies" into the game.


Any plans to make eBook (or print) versions of your games? I have a Kobo and I'm dying to read A Farewell to Fear etc. NOT in PDF and YES on Kobo.
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