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Not that anybody ever reads, but ...
Is there any part of bourgeois society worth the effort? Ah, yes: $$$
And yuppie culture? Ah. #Borg 

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As Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, comments by Senator John McCain at Munich Security Conference.
Truth ... facts ... deceit ... lies ...

In a reasonably decent society Trump's cracKKKers would have no power. He and they would have no traction.
Maximum "consume" and minimum "give a damn".

I was just young when I came up with "Why do we do anything at all?!" I was 9. 1963. Troubled times.
Next I came up with "Do we value truth?" That brought me to realize that apparently there is no "we".

There is no "we". These years and decades I've strained to find some way of calling you something better than toxic waste. Co-conspirators in this bourgeois swamp. Collaborators in a culture of consumption and exploitation.

Gallup Poll: Approve / Disapprove the Orange Psychopath:
38% positive
56% negative
"We'll continue to win, win, win ..."

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You get rewarded for playing along with the oligarch's mind-fuck strategy.
As yuppies, you know the game.
Example 1: 2017 and Google is BS.


Russian hackers are slandering Pence.
Fascists world wide are saying "Trump! Trump! Trump! We want Trump!"
Will they assassinate Pence?

I'm going to be honest for a moment.
You haven't clue 1 about how you have destroyed planet earth.
Ecology / economy.
Are you insane?

Here's the thing: since you can't even handle "fact" and "truth", what?
As whores, you know the bastard son of knowledge.
And wisdom?
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