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After a lifetime of shrugging off injustice large and small, or ignoring or actually indulging and playing along with bullies ... who thinks that the yuppie class is actually going to militate for actual reforms?

Health care ... sure ... more money to bank. Of course.
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There's belief and there's knowledge.
If ever it actually mattered it would be plainly understood if someone asked, "Okay, I know which way you're leaning on this matter, but when it comes down to brass tacks ... what do you think?"

Reasonable adults have something like reasonable self-esteem, which enables reasonable confidence. All that allows for reasonable self-awareness.
"I really wish I could say different because I really believe it would be good for all of us but, bottom line ... I don't think that's right."

My cohort are over-grown children. Most others are wounded units and twisted puppies.
Maybe having a crappy society and toxic culture has not good effects?

FFS ...
In the previous section, I claimed that Francisco Mejia Uribe’s argument that we need to think more critically about news sources was a good but based on terrible evidence: William Kingdon Clifford’s essay”The Ethics of Belief.” I demonstrated that…
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What single factor would make the biggest difference?
My cohort ("opportunistic careerists" ie yuppies) has always been pretty cynical. Self-serving, self-absorbed, selfish, yada-bla-blah.

And they're the folk with the greatest traction. Never ever better educated folk. Materially secure, even wealthy.
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Trump lies to slander election results in FL.
Trump lies to slander firefighters and forestry folk in CA.
Trump lies to slander refugees in the caravan crossing Mexico.
Trump lies to slander various reporters at various times.
Trump lies to slander our allies.

Trump lies to slander and Trump supporters cheer. They love him for that.

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California fire season has been starting sooner.
CA temperatures have been averaging higher.
Winter precipitation has been lighter and has been ceasing sooner.
Fuel for fires has been ever drier.
CA fires have been more intense.
Fire season has been lasting longer.
But climate change is a liberal hoax, a scam. Because Trump supporters and Fundamentalist Evangelicals say it is.

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My cohort has normalized pathological bullying.

For the whole of their lives the yuppie-types who populate my cohort have sucked up to / perhaps just ignored / very probably indulged and played along with grotesque bullies. Malevolent bullies like Trump.
My cohort enriched themselves enabling the very worst in the world, bullies and malevolence.

So Trump is in the Oval Office. This should be no surprise.
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"The corruption of the best is the worst."

What does Trump's success show? very much the same as what we are shown by the overwhelming success of my ambitious, self-absorbed, self-serving cohort, opportunistic careerists i.e. "yuppies".

Cheat and lie. Game / Set / Match.
Fake authenticity. Fame and acclaim.
Manipulate and exploit, spinning webs of "plausible deniability".
Give rise to cult supporters of the culture you create.

Why the fuck should I be polite? I'm not reducing others' humanity. I'm saying they're shitty persons, as individuals.
Mundane perjury is the hallmark of those around me.
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My cohort, sick?
"Binge on demand"! is how they're pimping a new TV series.
Sick ... to death ...
The Sick Rose by William Blake
The Sick Rose by William Blake
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I somehow as a little boy came to see that a person's achievements said nothing about their qualities or their virtues, except to say that they were successful at some social competition.
War hero? could be monstrous war criminal. Leader of a powerful political party? could be massively corrupt, or hugely cruel. Respected social activist? could be domestic abuser.

What everyone celebrates does nothing to advance the cause of social liberation. It does nothing to progress social justice.
Everyone celebrates remarkable winners. But what makes those winners remarkable is a star system that fuels superficiality and triviality as though social goods.
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