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You need to understand cracKKKers. (They're your neighbors, dip-shit ... maybe even your family.
They aren't about reasoning. They're about responding to fear with hatred.
For them? Reality is ... well ... reality is not real.

We need a good documentary on military psychiatry as it is, dehumanizing ... pigeon-holes and rubber stamps.

Life is not about "it" being fair. Or you being expert.
"It" is about you making an honest effort towards decency.
Principled integrity. Authentic presence.
You understand that, way down deep. So when you sell out on what you know "way down deep"? You sell yourself out. You betray yourself. THAT is the toxin.

Cynical ambition ... greed ... narcissism ... jaded and self-centered.
Such a parcel of rogues and villains ...

+John Nash WhiteHouse "hand selected" which credentialed reporters to allow in to the press briefing and which credentialed reporters to exclude.

Are Trump supporters decent on even the most basic principles?

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Loyalty test:
Folk who disagree on opinions but recognize reality, and
Folk who love Trump and want fascism.


+John Nash So WH staff calling various FBI administrators ...

Do you get a gold star or something when you come up with some mind-fuck bit of bullshit?
You are yours are at war against civilization itself. And you're too cowardly to have a straight thought. (Read, fuckwad. I wrote straight thought ... not "Think my thoughts and believe what I believe." You're saboteur.)

Pathetic doesn't begin to describe you and yours.

27,000 Commonwealth soldiers KIA and bodies never found in Burma.
Seems to me you care about nothing meaningful. While addicted to crap.

To my yuppie cohort: If you could understand just why I'm suicidal, I wouldn't be suicidal.
Wealth and educated ... brain-damaged and soulless.

Evidence that liberal democracy has failed? look at the "best and the brightest" ... worse than pathetic. Cynical, jaded, ambitious, greedy ... 

Pick who to blame:
* the down-trodden, poor and ill-educated
* the well educated and wealthy
* "stars" like Trump and Putin.
(B and C. FFS.)

Who doesn't care about truth? yuppies and cracKKKers.
Who profits from lies? cracKKKers and yuppies.
Decades I've watched you suck up.
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