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To enjoy gain is to suffer loss.
Too complicated for you? too simple? wrong language?

Decades of my life, since a little boy, I've watched you mind-fuck yourselves and everybody around you.

Perhaps most consequential effect: you've fucked language.
If I write karma you'll think you know what that means. And (especially since you're prideful/arrogant) /*poof*/ any chance of understanding evaporates.

BTW it isn't just your lives you've fucked. It's everybody's lives. It's the entire society and the entire planet.

p.s. you think Trump fears suffering? the man is as though a rabid dog. ("As though" ... can you read //any// English?) that's the biggest part of his insanity.
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Imagine our society so well developed that there is no longer any crime.
No criminality of violence. Not even white collar crime.

No crime, and no justice.
The powerful do whatever they want. So ... they do not engage in criminality, according to the laws of the land.
Normal folk? spit on the sidewalk, steal a pencil from work, be rude to a boss ... you'll be disappeared. Straight out of Brave New World.

Most of my yuppie cohort will be perfectly happy. Plenty of wealth, and no need for individual ambition: in the new fascism, they'll be well rewarded for screwing those with neither wealth nor power.

You really thought you'd be well rewarded for not giving a damn?
And there it is: by even the crudest Christian ethics you're hell-bound. (Buddhism keeps it simple: live like a fucking turd and you're going to be deeply miserable. And don't expect the new fascism to care if you decide to off yourself.)

The vast majority struggling through chronic under-employment and abject poverty / acute malnutrition.
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Here's something:
Strategy without tactic is the slow road to failure.
Tactic without strategy is the high road to calamity.

Know what that's about? it's about wisdom.

But of course you don't care about wisdom, do you. I mean ... why would you?

Bottom line you're just a variant of Fundamentalist Evangelicals. They don't believe science. You don't give a damn, unless you use science to generate profit.
They don't care about truth. You don't give a damn either. Unless you need some truth to generate profit.
They see knowledge as the root source of sin and evil. You just don't give a damn. Unless //see above//.
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The flip-side of how my cohort "confusticates" things? (Will you burst into flames when I type M I N D F U C K? So fine, go ahead: burst into flames. for fuck sake)

They over-simplify.
Over-complicate to avoid, then over-simplify to avoid.
People in my cohort are not just ambitious and greedy. They are cowardly and dishonest ... sneak thieves.

When Trump trashes the Intelligence Community, he is trashing our security. It's like trashing law enforcement.
Everybody hates cops, right? so fuck'em ... let's get rid of cops. And judges. Courts too. And government agencies.
Let's all just have a cluster-fuck.

Oh-woops ... but that means not having electricity for our home. That means having gang members like Putin's mafia screwing us every which way.
Supermarkets running out of food. What food is available is 10 times the previous price.
Hospitals? sorry ... trashed by mafia, so they can blackmail everybody.

And that's what yuppies over-simplify.
Trump is a pig, sure. Trump is an asshole, sure. But /*shrug*/ really, who cares?

My cohort very definitely deserves to go one lower than Dante's 7th circle of hell.
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BTW Trump envies the Saudis ... the royal family ... the aristocrats who own Saudi Arabia.
For that matter he envies Putin, as well. (Did you know that Putin had his mafia explode an apartment building so he could blame Chechens? You //really// don't pay attention. Very as you so much need to have ignorance as a defence... for your many crimes.)
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I only came to know Donald Trump when he was running for the GOP nomination.
#CharismaticPsychopth ... that was self-evident then, as it is now.

That this is a fact matters not a fucking bit.

It didn't take long for me to conclude that Trump's contempt was so deep that he would breach every decency and every convention til he was slapped. down.
Not sociopath, so not rabid dog. But very much like rabid dog. (I was 8 when I pondered "What to do with a rabid dog?" The obvious answer was pretty clear, way back then ... as it is now.)

That this is simply true matters not a fucking bit.

Quite a society my cohort has created, as they became wealthy!
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My cohort's #1 tactic is confustication. Imagine a lawyer (or con-man) who wanted to snow you. They would probably succeed. Mostly because that type of person really does have actual skills. But also because you're so feckless you pretty much give in on anything. (The calculus is simple: when it looks like a win for you, your strategy is to minimize effort and take maximum gain. When it looks like a loss you just cave. "Fuck it" being your core principle.)

Thing is that I abhor and loath my cohort for the same reasons that right-wingers loath and abhor my cohort. Yuppies are disgusting.

But thing is that as a red-neck I know that while yuppies are disgusting (and ultimately really corrosive / toxic) right-wingers are actively malignant.
That's the distinction.

Nothing complicated here. This ain't quantum physics. Not nearly.
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I can't imagine how many weasel yuppies and smarmy sophist are spewing sanctimonious shit because Trump is obviously a whore master.
"Ambitious greed" is what I've watched from my cohort day in / day out for years and decades. But Trump is a pig?

Yes, Trump is a pig. In a society that's been turned into a pig-sty by my yuppie cohort.
Going along with evil for the sake of profit? Indeed, Trump is a pig. Doing crudely and grandly exactly what my cohort has done as a matter of course.

Standard operation procedure: do the very least amount of good for the maximum amount of profit.
Trump invented that?!

Trump is a crude pig.
Those who populate my cohort are sophistic pigs.
Go figure ...
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Here's something that's become kind of a sick joke for me:
My whole life has been centred on what matters to you. My life project is all about acknowledging what you care about, the values at the core of who you are as persons.

Not your opinions. No fucking way. You so often bullshit, you so often spew crap, you are so often ill-intentioned, no way your opinions are worth anything at all.
BUT ... what you value as persons is what matters most of all. That's what you devalue. That's what you forge. (Not "forge" as in work with heat and effort. "Forge" as in to create a forgery.

Ain't I a fucking jackass. To value most what you care about most. Figuring that acknowledging your values might give you a hint of what sanity is about.

Such a fucking jackass I am.

p.s. nope. My whole life has been an experiment. Consciously and intentionally. And the experiment produced results: there is nothing so good that you cannot pollute, nothing so fine that you cannot distort.
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Oh BTW if y'all were not creating such a shitty world you might not be so desperately addicted to consumer culture.
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