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Emily Carney
Space chick, writer, and proofreader.
Space chick, writer, and proofreader.

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A Future That Didn't Happen: An Interview with 'Amazing Stories of the Space Age' Author Rod Pyle
Several proposed military space programs, including the Manned Orbiting Laboratory program, are covered in Amazing Stories of the Space Age, Rod Pyle's newest book. Image Credit: National Museum of the U.S. Air Force “Why didn't I learn to treat everything ...

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Venus in Furs: An Interview with 'Island of Clouds’' Gerald Brennan
Venus: the enigma of the Solar System, and Island of Clouds' target. Gerald Brennan's newest book supposes NASA sent astronauts on a flyby mission to Venus in 1972. Image from NASA, processed by Ricardo Nunes   I am tired, I am weary I could sleep for a tho...

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This Space Available's Best of 2016: The Top Five
The end of the year calls for a Skylab party, and enjoying food at the dinner table with good friends! From Dec. 28, 1973: "The three members of the Skylab 4 crew confer via television
communication with Dr. Lubos Kohoutek, discoverer of the Comet Kohoutek...

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Ron Evans' Apollo 17 "Space Selfies": The Greatest Hits
Captain America chillin' out in his home away from home. Photo from Project Apollo's Archive on Flickr (Apollo 17 Magazine 160/YY; 35mm Color, onboard; NASA photographs; unprocessed 35mm film scans by NASA Johnson Space Center, circa 2005)  As the 44th anni...

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Space Pop Culture Moment: Landing On The Moon At The Arcade
Lunar Lander, The Real Life Version, NASA photo from July 21, 1969: "The Apollo 11 Lunar Module ascent stage, with astronauts Neil A.
Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. aboard, is photographed from the
Command and Service Modules (CSM) during rendezvous in...

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Pesquet Who? Let's Give It Up For The Original Space Station Hunk, Jack Lousma
"Listen, I know it's extremely difficult to fly with someone this handsome. Sorry, Owen and Al." NASA photo, dated Jan. 19, 1972: "Prime crew members of the scheduled second Skylab mission are introduced
to the media during a press conference in January 19...

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In Search Of...Skylab’s Lost Robotic Arm
HAVE YOU SEEN ME LATELY? Development Model of Skylab Serpentuator Arm, dated Jan. 3, 1969. Found at: Sometimes
curiosity can be sparked by a single image. Last week, a member of
Space Hipsters posted ...

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Space Myths Busted: How Skylab Nearly Was Lost
Just seconds before chaos ensues, Skylab's Saturn V climbs into the skies on May 14th, 1973. NASA photo. With rising internal temperatures and a trickle of electrical power,
it became apparent shortly after Skylab’s launch on May 14 th ,
1973 that America’s...

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A Brief History of Soviet Space Shuttle Buran, Part Two: Guest Post by Jay Chladek
A Buran wind tunnel model. Photo by author Kobel, from Wikimedia Commons . Here
is part two of space historian Jay Chladek's series about the real
history of the Buran orbiter and its launch system, Energia. Enjoy! So Why I s I t Ca lled
Buran? So
why is th...

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A Brief History of the Soviet Space Shuttle Buran, Part One: Guest Post by Jay Chladek
this blog features writing by other space historians and figures.
During the next two weeks, I am proud and honored to present a
history of the Soviet Buran space shuttle by someone who knows an
awful lot about it. Here's
the dirt on everybody'...
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