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Go big or go Home
We have all been in line at our local fast food restaurant behind a person that it ordering way more food than they should be. The customer supersizes their burger, their fries, and their drink as well. Why are Americans so obsessed with supersizing their f...

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Avoiding Embarrassment
Ever bought an embarrassing product at the supermarket, and crossed your fingers at the checkout hoping the cashier will not give you a weird look? Many people are faced with the dilemma of wanting to purchase a rather embarrassing product, but not wanting ...

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The Effect of Emotions on Consumer Behavior
Patti Williams analyzes how consumers with different visual and emotional perspectives handle consumer situations. Williams mentions that research has shown that loneliness is linked to materialism, which causes people to reduce their social relationships. ...

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Negotiating vs Bidding
Consumers are faced with decisions on a daily basis, they must decide which brand of cereal, type of sports drinks, and coffee brand to purchase. Most of these decisions are minor and not much thought is put into the decision-making process. However, every ...

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Expensive Taste
Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel are just some examples of luxury brands commonly purchased by women every single day. These brands cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. They are commonly found in upscale shopping malls, such as ...

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What's in a Name?
Consumers make purchasing decisions based on many different factors. For example, we have all bought a product because it is on sale, because we liked the packaging, or because we are curious to try it. However, have you ever chosen one product over another...

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What's that Smell?
Have you ever walked into a grocery store and been drawn to the bakery section by a scent of fresh bread, only to discover that there is no fresh bread being baked? Have you walked into a department store and noticed a light scent of smell that you like in ...
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