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Complete Barnes and Noble statement on not stocking books of Amazon's new publishing imprint (aka, declaration of war):

“Barnes & Noble has made a decision not to stock Amazon published titles in our store showrooms. Our decision is based on Amazon’s continued push for exclusivity with publishers, agents and the authors they represent. These exclusives have prohibited us from offering certain eBooks to our customers. Their actions have undermined the industry as a whole and have prevented millions of customers from having access to content. It’s clear to us that Amazon has proven they would not be a good publishing partner to Barnes & Noble as they continue to pull content off the market for their own self interest. We don’t get many requests for Amazon titles, but If customers wish to buy Amazon titles from us, we will make them available only online at”

Jaime Carey
Chief Merchandising Officer
Barnes & Noble
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Where is this sourced? I don't see this in their press releases, etc..
I second that question, would love to see this somewhere I can verify it
This statement was emailed to me by Mary Ellen Keating, a spokesperson for Barnes & Noble, in response to an earlier query I had made. I asked if it was posted to the company Web site and she said no. That's why I posted it here.
Interesting in light of Amazon carrying tons of Barnes & Noble products, e.g. books on the Barnes & Noble Classics imprint (and even Nooks).
Brad -- did Mary Ellen e-mail you the statement just before Amazon earnings were announced this afternoon? (If not then, when?)
Laura, email me: brad.stone at gmail
We are about to see just how much the physical store can effect the digital marketplace. Game on!
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