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Kala Mozami

i know youve all seen the new fast and furious movie. is it worth seeing? seems everyone has seen it but it looks irredeemably dumb

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tourists vs residents in 15 degrees lol

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beautiful! sometimes life gets so busy that it truly feels like this video lol

finally home. i have missed you all so much <3 now to sleep for a full day

congratulations to my friends who will compete in the jiu jitsu open championship next week

returned from a lovely day trip! nice to excuse myself from stress for a time

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it has been too long since i visited skydive dubai. it is a rare union of fun and a useful skill

the purpose of jewelry is not to display wealth. it is to display the item's beauty and how it enhances the wearer's own. 

there are those who believe in hiding their talents in order to later impress. i say why not impress immediately? not to border on cockiness, but why adopt false modesty? is that not more vain? 
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