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I had never used +Pinterest until I just tried it on my Nexus 7. I must say, the Android app is very well done, and really looks good. They've taken some small liberties on #AndroidDesign patterns while maintaining strong branding, and delivering a great presentation without sacrificing familiarity.

At a high level, there are Action Bars (kind of), ViewPager (swipe-able views), proper action menus and sharing, and layouts that scale well to different screen sizes and orientations. The app is fast and responsive, and a pleasure to use.

With those virtues, you may be wondering why we're posting about it...

This is, admittedly, nitpicking, but if you're going to create a new icon for Android, and especially if that means simply adding slight perspective, why not follow the guidelines?

Google on Android icons:

Three-dimensional, front view, with a slight perspective as if viewed from above, so that users perceive some depth.

When they say "above," it's in the context of a 3-dimensional space. By contrast, the Pinterest icon is viewed from below.

By +Paul Burke 

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I don't mind the app at all. They've misused the spinner icon when creating a new pin, but that's minor.
I knew there was something off about that icon when looking at it on my homescreen.
 I must say, the Android app is very well done, and really looks good.
Yeah everything except the icon is great. BTW anyone know how they created those nice animations between activities?
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