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Sonar Android Beta

Just got an email telling me to update to the latest Beta of +Sonar. I got excited for a moment, thinking that they might have finally adopted some #AndroidDesign patterns. Unfortunately, that moment faded quickly.

From what I can tell, the latest update changes very little, visually. They have made the all-too-common mistake of literally porting the UI from iOS, without any regard for Android conventions. Some of the big offenders:

- Content does not take up entire viewport width and is stuck in portrait orientation.
- No Action Bar, instead, the Menu Button of Shame
- "Tabs" and some other clickable items are too small, and sometimes don't provide touch feedback.
- Custom Settings activity offering no custom functionality.

The Sonar Android Beta launched in March, so it doesn't look like they're devoting many resources to this effort. 

Here's hoping version 1.0 brings a total UI overhaul!

By +Paul Burke 
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I will never understand why some people (probably management) keep on insisting to lock apps in portrait mode. Because what happens when the user has a device with a slide keyboard and wants to type something?
Kris B
"Menu Button of Shame" lol
Ken Liu
It might be my misunderstanding but isn't the menu button still used in some situations? Namely where actions not universal across activities get put there?
Ken Liu
+Paul Burke thanks for the info - think its going to take some time to sink in :)
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