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Absolutely on - point article from my friend +Henneke Duistermaat today on Copyblogger. My faves are write conversationally, and create a common enemy. 

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Oh my goodness, how useful: "Tools of the Trade #4: The Noun Project"

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So amazing... 81 second exposure of the Golden Gate Bridge
The +Google+ Photos Cover Photo for the week of May 5th - +Joe Azure

In an effort to constantly provide an inspiring place for all photographers and photography lovers to visit, we will be changing our Cover Photo every Sunday evening. This week's image comes courtesy of the Golden Gate Whisperer himself, +Joe Azure. If you want to see some truly remarkable imagery from around the Bay Area, do yourselves a favor and add him to a circle or two.

Image © Joe Azure


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Utah photographers, check out this outdoor photography contest! 

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Amazing photo of the Milky Way... By Matthew Fowler
I just love it when you get this view of the Milky Way setting almost horizontal. Its only achievable at certain times of the year. This one was taken in June. Canon 500D 40 sec ISO 1600 Canon 15mm fisheye lens at F2.8. For those who saw my earlier post from inside the cave this is the view for on top of Flat Rock. Its also a stunning place to take sunsets from especially if you get lucky and have the mists settling in the valleys below. :-)

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Love this post by Shauna of Nubby Twiglet about how to make online connections that last. Balance being interactive with being "creepy." "When interacting for the first time, think of how you'd act on a coffee date when meeting a new friend."

Enjoyed compiling this birthstone crystal chart. And so handy for picking beads.

Do you wear your birthstone color? I have a keepsake ring, but I wear my favorite colors more.
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